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  1. Before opening your iPod, ensure that the hold switch is in the locked position.
    • Before opening your iPod, ensure that the hold switch is in the locked position.

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  2. Use a spudger to pry up the white plastic hold switch.
    • Use a spudger to pry up the white plastic hold switch.

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    • If present, remove the cap from the USB port.

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    • The following step can be challenging and time consuming. Be sure to go slowly and have patience to prevent damaging your iPod.

    • Use an Exacto knife to separate the glue holding the USB port on the iPod. Run the knife along the seam between the two sections of the iPod until the glue is separated. Expect to run the knife along this edge 20-30 times before the glue will be entirely freed.

    This is the most difficult part of disassembly. The risk is breaking the case. I found that it's like cutting through hard plastic. Takes a lot of time

    russtoku - Contestar

    • Continue to run the knife around all four edges of the USB port until the glue is released. You may be able to gently wiggle the knife from side to side to help release the glue.

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    • Use a spudger to push on the headphone jack and slide the USB port out of its housing.

    • If the USB port doesn't come free, check to make sure all the glue holding the USB port in place has been released. Pulling on the USB port itself is not recommended as there is a fragile ribbon cable that can be ripped if the USB port suddenly comes free.

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    • After the USB port comes free, carefully slide it out of its housing. Don't pull it out too far because there's still a ribbon cable connecting it to the logic board.

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    • Continue to slide the iPod out of its casing by using a spudger to push on the logic board near the headphone jack.

    You can place a piece of tape over the battery indicator in this step to prevent it from falling out in Step 9. :)

    Jefferson Malone - Contestar

    • Turn the iPod so that the click wheel is facing up. This will prevent the battery indicator from falling out.

    • If the battery indicator does fall out, don't forget to replace it prior to reassembling the iPod. Getting the battery indicator back in place can be tricky. You'll have to slide it in from the end of the iPod's casing and get it to fall into its slot in the casing.

    • Slide the iPod out of its casing.

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    • Use a spudger to flip up the black plastic tab holding the USB port ribbon in place. The black tab will rotate up 90 degrees, releasing the ribbon cable.

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    • Carefully peel the yellow USB ribbon up from the battery.

    Start by lifting from the port end of the ribbon; the tape is strongest and easiest to pull up from there. I pulled up from the corner shown in the picture and ended up ripping the tape. :'(

    Elizabeth Tangora - Contestar

    • Slide the USB ribbon out of its connector.

    • Lift the USB port and attached ribbon cable out of the iPod.

    If you are only replacing the battery there is no need to remove the memory board. Cut the wires from the old battery as close to the battery as you can. Then cut the black wire from the new battery so that it is about 1/2 inch long. Strip the ends about 1/8 inch and solder. Slip a piece of 3/32 heat shrink tubing over the joint. Now cut the red wire so that it is about 1/2 inch long and strip as above, solder and cover with heat shrink tubing. It works!

    hvabrams - Contestar

    If replacing the battery in the first generation , what are the spec's on the battery in order to locat one for replacement. Thanks.

    Greg farris -

    Hi from where can i buy battery and ribbon cable for ipod shuffle 1 gen?

    raulclau - Contestar

    • Gently pull back the white plastic framework to free the left edge of the logic board. Pull up on the logic board slightly to prevent the logic board from falling back into place.

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    • Repeat the same procedure on the opposite side to free the logic board from the white plastic casing.

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    • Lift the logic board up to disconnect it from the memory board beneath. Don't remove the logic board from the iPod yet, because it's still connected to the battery.

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    • Turn the iPod over and use your finger to push the battery through the hole in the casing. The battery is attached to the plastic framework with a mild adhesive.

    • Lift the battery and logic board out of the iPod.

    did some steps gets deleted? this doesn't show how to actually replace the battery!

    hsm - Contestar

    Yeah, how is the battery connected to the logic board? — is it soldered, or what?

    Charlie Wilson - Contestar

    • Peel up the translucent tape securing the memory board to the edge of the white plastic framework. It is only necessary to peel up the tape on one side, as the other side will be freed while removing the memory board.

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    • Lift the memory board out of the framework and peel the tape off the other side of the framework.

    • The white plastic framework is not very strong. Be careful not to exert too much force on the thin plastic arm when peeling off the tape.

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