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  1. LG Watch Sport Band Teardown, Remove the 4x T5 torx screws and pop off the bands: paso 1, imagen 1 de 1
    • Without the iFixit Manta kit I don't think I would have gotten them off, because the bit on the tool that was sent with the replacement straps stripped almost immediately.

  2. LG Watch Sport Band Teardown, Destruction!!!: paso 2, imagen 1 de 1
    • Be smarter than me and use a sharp X-acto knife or fresh box cutter and a comfortable set of pliers when cutting into the straps, not a dull scissors or pocket knife.


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Where did you get your replacement bands?

Gus Lipkin - Contestar

There are a couple sellers on eBay with the bands. I believe the term to search is ‘W280 band'. The color selection isn't great but I was psyched to be able to continue using my watch rather than buying a new one and throwing this one in a drawer, especially since I went through the effort of getting it activated on Verizon.

dragon788 -

Any idea what the exact size of the watch band screws are?

Keith Loppnow - Contestar

There is a website that sells the bands for $35 per side but they are on back order.

I found a guy on ebay that sells refurbished ones that he makes with a 3d printer for $70 for both sides shipped.

seige332 - Contestar

Then I found another guy that sells replacement bands on ebay without the antennas, so you have to remove the antennas from your origianl band and slide them into the replacement for $21 for both sides shipped.

seige332 - Contestar

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