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What is causing these lines on my iPod's screen?

My issue is similar to the one that Why do I have a gray horizontal line on my screen? had, but was never completely resolved. There is another interesting fact about this problem that I didn't see mentioned there.

My iPod Classic has lines that go across the screen, but that disappear once the screen fades (not completely asleep). I squeezed different areas around the LCD as per one of the answers to the similar question, but nothing changed. The most odd part about this problem is that sometimes the lines extend along the width of the screen shorter or farther than others if I reset the iPod or after leaving it on the charger for a while.

Could this problem be a connection, a component on the logic board, or even the LCD itself? == Update ==

The lines magically disappeared. Not even joking. I didn't touch my iPod over the weekend, and when I grabbed it to go to the gym this morning, the lines were gone.

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hi david i can get the lines off my ipod 5s why that plz hep me because i need it fix soon plz message me back

thnks from charmaine12


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David Hodson, I would definitely change the LCD. Even if it is the connection or the connector , this would be resolved during a change. Just clean your connector when you replace the LCD. It is also a lot cheaper than the logic board. I think that the difference in the lines is caused by a difference in current that the LCD received and therefore the appearance changes. Good Luck...and as you probably know, it is a bear to open :-)

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+ Sounds good to me, Turkey. If I get around to replacing it and noticed that it's fixed I'll come back and accept your answer.


It's better to replace the display and clean the terminal

this will fix the entire appearance.


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In my opinion it would be better to clean the display terminal this would fix the problem rather than replacing the logic board .

I faced similar problem a month ago and I was successful when I cleaned the display terminal with a light solvent(VCR head cleaner)

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Where is the display terminal?


the display cable is just under the hard drive


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