How to replace keyboard on Lenovo Legion Y520

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Recently my keyboard stopped working so I ordered a replacement keyboard. I took apart the laptop but got to a point where I don’t know how to get past a metal plate that is the only thing blocking me from the keyboard but seemed to be bounded by plastic rivet looking pieces.I know that if I take out a plastic rivet it will probably not be able to go back. Unsure how to proceed and any help or advice would be great!Thank you!

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Hi can you take a picture from the other side?


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Olivier Alcantara-Bonilla post some good images of where you currently are with your disassembly with your question. That way we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that. You can of course download the maintenance manual from here It looks like the keyboard is part of the upper case. So it is most likely riveted or screwed to the case.

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Thank you so much!I uploaded a picture now, I cant seem to find any screws. My friend who works at a laptop repair store recommended that I take out the black rivets(that I cannot put back) and replace the keyboard. I dont know if I should?)


Agregar un comentario I don't know if you specifically have the 15ikbn model, but the process should be similar and if it isn't then you can find your exact model with a bit of searching on Lenovo's website (it's a bit hard to find, though). The PDF contains illustrated diagrams on how to service it, straight from the manufacturer. Just keep in mind that you may void your warranty by doing this and it may be worth just getting it serviced under warranty.

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