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My touch screen is not working always

It is a new but touch screen sometimes is not working and I should reset my cellphone . I had restarted factory my phone but the problem is not fixed yet. some time I have to push power button for 3-5 time after that the screen is working.

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I faced same problem, touch screen of my J7 mobile was not working properly. I had to press power button again n again n then it worked. I reset my phone but problem didn't resolve. Then i removed battery n both sim cards from mobile phone. After a short while i put the battery n sim cards in mobile phone again. When i powered on the mobile, it was amazing that touch screen was working properly.

Please try it I am sure that it will work.

Mohammad Asim


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Hi @narimand,

Is the phone "new" or have you had a "new" touchscreen installed?

If the phone is new and as you still have the problem after performing a factory reset then I suggest that you consult the warranty statement, found in the user guide that came with the phone, as to what you have to do to make a claim for a manufacturer's warranty repair/replacement for your phone.

If it is only the touchscreen that is new you should go back to whoever replaced the screen and tell them of your problem. If you replaced it yourself then I suggest that you go back and check your work, looking for loose screen/digitizer flex cable connections for example.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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If the problem persist you need to think about the touch replacement, the easiest way is to replace the whole display:

Samsung Galaxy J7 Display / LCD Replacement

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this trouble from rom. you can flashing custom rom to fixed this trouble or waiting for next update.

i have same trouble for j7 2017.

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