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Where is the mute button?

when I receive a call, the caller cannot hear me... as if I have phone on mute. cannot find a mute button

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Does this work with everyone or just that once person? Can they hear you if you use a different phone? Has this always happened or is this something new?


Just happened the first time. I waited two hrs for someone to call me back with information I needed. They couldn't hear me. I was wondering if the mute button was on. Not sure where to find it.


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You'll find it on your dial pad click on the icon that has a bunch of squares, microphone with a line across it. I would do a " SIM card pull" as in removing the the back and pulling out the battery and the sim card waith minutes and reinstert and assemble. Prior to this look into Cameron's advice; if its only one person it an issue on the end of that person; if its everybody or an ew occurrence may be a network issue. Then proceed to my advice

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Caller can't hear me.where is mute button

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