Small media streaming device that plugs directly into your TV's HDMI port. Originally released by Amazon in November 2014. The latest version comes with a voice-activated remote.

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amazon fire stick not won't come on

i just got the amazon fire stick...plugged it into the tv and it still won't come on...what am i doing wrong?...someone said you have to let it charge..if that is so how long

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Have you selected the correct HDMI port as the "input" source on your TV?

Have you verified that the HDMI port on the TV, into which you plugged the Fire TV Stick is working by connecting another HDMI sourced device and see if it works OK e.g. a DVD player?


Did you plug it into the external power supply? You don't let it charge, but you need to keep it plugged into the included power supply. The Fire stick is a computer, and it needs to be externally powered.


Change your power supply cable and or plug and should work fine


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The mini usb connection port on the first generation fire stick are actually at a slight angle. It's a manufacturer defect. Unfortunately, I'm not sure they honor such a thing. Second, if it's got a bunch of sideloaded 3rd party content on it. I dont know if that hurts the situation any. But I did know this had happened to a lot of people! myself included. If your patience and solder game is where mine is. Looks like you'll most likely have to get a replacement unfortunately. Careful putting the mini-usb end into and out of the new device itself, not to fast, very slow and gentle, is that what she said...? Nah! Lol best of luck...

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I have a fire stick and it needs to be plugged into power to work properly.

I agree with previous answer the HDMI cable or connection could be a problem.

You have to have the tv on the correct source. I have 4 and sometimes it will get set to the wrong source.

Check the battery in remote.

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I plugged my fire stick into the same HDMI that NY Cable was in and it's still not working..

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