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My nextbook does not charge properly

When I place my nextbook on charge for the night, i will wake up and it never fully charges. It will only increase to 34%. And I shut my nextbook down while charging. Please help.

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Hi, What is the model number of your Nextbook?


Hi the model number is nx16a11264



Is the charge indicator LED still glowing in the morning, with the charger still connected and switched on, before you start the tablet? If so what colour is it, red or amber?

How long have you had the tablet?


It's still red, and also when the tablet is not plugged in I can have it on less than 5 minutes and it shuts down saying something about thermal heating, but as long as it's plugged in, it won't do it. I've had my tablet less than 2 months. I have such badluck with electronics. I really appreciate your time in helping me.


Im having the same problem and unable to call to get help number is no good Amazon where i purchased it is at a loss why sell something that doesn't charge??


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Your Nextbook has developed a fault either in its' charging circuit or in the battery.

There is a 12 months manufacturer's warranty on the tablet and as yours is only 2 months old, I recommend that you verify the purchase date, (on the sales receipt) and then consult the warranty statement contained in the documentation that came with the tablet as to what you have to do to obtain a warranty repair or replacement.

If you cannot find the documentation, here is a link to the Nextbook warranty provisions (for the USA).

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Thank you very much for your help.


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Tablet stay's charged an have to keep it plugged in to use it

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Hi @williamgert43 ,

It seems as though the battery may be failing under load.

Here is a link to the ifixit Nextbook Tablet Repair guides.

Hopefully your model is there.

They show how to remove / replace the battery.


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