An Android 4.4 smartphone released in August 2014.

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Call waiting notification when calling someone

How do I get the phone to tell me if the person I am calling is on the line

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If the person you are calling is on the phone and has the Call Waiting facility enabled then you will get the normal ringing tone until they answer. If they do not answer, then the call will be switched through to their Voice mail facility, if they have it setup.

If the person you call is on the phone when you call they will receive a tone to indicate to them that there is another call waiting to be answered. They can choose to either put the current call on hold and answer you or ignore it and you will go through to their Voicemail.

If the person you call doesn't have the Call Waiting facility then you will receive the busy signal if they are already on the phone.

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I don't get a busy signal


Hi Niluka Perera,

If you don't get a busy signal when you call a number what do you get?

If you get ringing tone, how long do you let it ring for?

Does it eventually go to busy or voice message? (allow 30-60 seconds of ringing time)


How about when you call someone then instead of ringing the tone goes toot toot toot what does it mean? Does it mean that he/she is already on call?


Hi @mirmana ,

If by toot toot toot you mean the busy signal, it means that they are already on a call (or the line could be faulty if it's a landline) and they either haven't enabled CW or haven't got it as a feature.


Okay got it! Thank you so much


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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have that short notification "call is waiting" if the person you call is on the other line while you dial their number. Didn't see the feature in Note 5.

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Samsung phones indicate if the person you are calling is on another call by indicating 'call is waiting' but iphones just keep on ringing with no engaged tone


Older samsung phones had that facility but newer do not i think. S8plus never showed. Only way to know i guess is call on whatsapp right away, it will tell u if person is on another line or no


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