A Bluetooth speaker for mobile devices and tablets that can make phone calls for the paired device . Released in Fall 2014.

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What is this loose part that broke off from the circuit board?

Block Image

Its a cube, about 10mm tall, 14mm across and has the number 100 stamped on the top.

It was soldered to the board on the upper right side behind the right speaker.

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post an image of your part with your question. Adding images to an existing question


I had the same thing falling off of my JBL Flip 2. A 6R8 module here. After ordering a new module and soldering it, the thing still doesn't work.


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It is, or rather was ;) , a 10uH inductor. Parts such as these are used in switch mode DC/DC converters, and switch mode audio amplifiers.

Its ferrite shell has cracked, which means that the component can no longer be used and must be replaced.

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Thanks a ton!

I found a part that fits the description you gave and looks very similar to the part I have, but it is cylindrical instead of a cube.

Do you think that will be an issue?


Hard to tell. Inductors can be rather fussy components to replace.

Can you post a link to a description of the part you found?


Inductors of this type are suitable, but you'd need one with a bit higher current rating. This one's close:


or maybe this one:



Hi, mine is not cracked but it is just loose on one side. I put there some kind of hard foam to keep it placed on the motherboard - i am not a tech guy so my question is that it just needs to be connected back (not to be loose) ? can somebody post picture or a manual how to do that or should i take it service.

Right now it is working but i do not know untill when the foam will give enough pressure for the part to be on the mobo.

Thank you very much.

Best regards



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We removed the unit (inductor) and epoxied it off the board then soldered a coated wire from the circuit board connections to each of the units two connectors. In this way, we created a solid electrical connection and physical mounting.

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It reminds neodymium magnet

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