Released in the year 2013, identified by model number S5200

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Why won't my computer recognize my Nikon Coolpix S5200?

I'm trying to plug my camera into my computer via usb cord, but nothing happens when I connect my camera. It's like the computer does not recognize that anything is plugged into it! What should I do?

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If your computer will not recognize your Nikon Coolpix S5200, try the following:

1) Removing the memory card and inserting it directly into computer

2) Unplug the USB port and plug it back in

3) Purchase a new camera cord

4) Try downloading the latest camera software

For more information, please visit the Troubleshooting Page

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None of these things work for me. Firstly, I don't have an SD card reader in my PC, so I cannot try that. And I have tried several USB cables, and even installed the Nikon Transfer to attempt to get my photos. Nothing works. I have a COOLPIX S7000


did u ever find out what was happening im in the same boat


my camera used to hook up just fine, but now its no longer being recognized by my computer.


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Same problem, I have tried to download viewNX-i and no help.

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I hate to realize it, but I guess our computer OSs have outgrown our Nikons. I'm going to have to go back to taking photos with my Samsung, which takes pissy pics compared to the Nikon. Why isn't Nikon supporting the advancement of Ohs?!!

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