2.3L 4cyl or 3.0L V6, 6th Generation

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How can I get the factory alarm to permanently cut off?

I was trying to arm my alarm and clicking the alarm switch back and forth and since I couldn't get it to go off I believed it to not work. Until I came out of class and opened my door and set the alarm off. After 2 minutes the alarm is supposed to reset itself and cut off. It does. But when I try to enter or exit the car it goes off even when I unlock it sometimes. I tried turning the key in the driver door twice to the left and then twice to the right and the other way. Still to no avail. Any suggestions are appreciated

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My lights blinks on and off when the doors open and they don't stop it makes all the lights on the clock dashboard radio when im driving I have to turn on the headlights to get it to stop there a little red light that blinks all the time it never stop it in between the seats

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You can try resetting the alarm by following the steps in this link;


If it doesn't work, you can pop the bonnet, and remove the alarm relay, located in the fuse compartment (when you open it, there is a drawing on it that shows you what fuses and relays are what). This will act as a temporary fix, allowing you to take the car to a auto electrician, without the cops chasing you, thinking you have stolen the car.

Hope this is of some help

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I was wrong it's an aftermarket alarm I believe because I followed that and they didn't work and there is no fuse for it. My uncle uncle unplugged a wire and it cut it off for a while but now it is going off again after I unlocked my door


Ah ok, and they would have to be a fuse. I forgot to mention there might be other fuse panels. if not under the hood, try passengers side or under the steering weal, in the foot well.

Also, if its aftermarket, try this http://www.wikihow.com/Reset-Aftermarket...


Oh thank you so much how do you no which fuse it is


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The alarm does not work but my tail lights keep flashing until I turn the key in the driver's side door twice, now my lights don't work period. Changed the bulbs changed the fuse to no avail.

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