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resetting battery and motherboard/ logic board of an apple iphone 5

iphone 5 resetting battery and motherboard- logic board.

i will explane how you can try to repair an iphone 5 with continuous reboot problem.

if your iphone is continuous rebooting ( you will see the apple logo for a few seconds and then a black screen en back the apple logo...) you can try to reset the battery.

First of all let the battery go empty... if he is rebooting, let i reboot till the battery is empty.

Then : open your iphone and remove the battery ( you will find lots of guides to do that at

Step 2 : put your iphone on the charger without the battery, normaly your iphone will boot. unplug the adapter. If he dosn't boot, the logic board (motherboard) will be dead.

Step 3: put the battery back. and close the iphone.

Step 4 put the charger in again. normaly the battery/motherboard connection is reset.

You can always check the battery with an voltmeter, there are al lot of battery's for an iphone but not the right voltage. Normal voltage is 3.7- 3.8

if the motherboard gets more than 4.0 V than he will continuous reboot.

after this :

my iphone worked again with these steps. Sometimes you have to bring the iphone in recovery mode and out agian en reboot again. it will work afterwards.

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how do u know the voltages. Can you tell me the voltages for all the components?

davidmgalloway410 - Contestar

will this work for a 5c?

fintan1234567890 - Contestar

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