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Un estudiante impresionante de nuestro programa de educación escribió este wiki. No está administrado por el personal de iFixit.

Laptop is Overheating

Laptop becomes abnormally hot after and during use

Faulty Ventilation Fan

Ensure that there is nothing blocking the airflow of the ventilation fan/system surrounding the laptop. If the area around the laptop is clear, clean any debris on the ventilation ports on the underside of the laptop using an air-duster. Air-duster can be purchased at most hardware stores, however you must be 18 or older to purchase the item. If the laptop continues to overheat after cleaning the ventilation fan area, consider purchasing and replacing the faulty fan.

Computer Keeps Crashing

Computer is getting "blue screen of death" or keeps "freezing"

Faulty Motherboard

The most common reason for why a blue screen of death occurs is because of a faulty motherboard. Unfortunately, the only way to make sure that the situation is resolved completely is to replace the motherboard.

Sound Does Not Work

Speakers aren't producing sound

Defective Speakers

If the speakers of your laptop sound like they are rattling or if there are distorted sounds and reduced noise, consider replacing the speakers to fix it.

Defective Hard Drive

Keep receiving "corruption" errors and laptop is acting erratically

Faulty Memory Hard Drive

Attempt a reboot to fix any hard drive errors. If a reboot does not resolve the errors, attempt to run an "Error Check. If the problem still persists, consider purchasing and replacing the faulty drive with a new one.

Defective Battery

The battery is not working as well as it used to

Defective Battery

If the battery seems to be running out of power significantly faster than it used to, make sure that the laptop is being charged correctly. If the problem is the battery itself, consider purchasing a new battery and replacing it.

Faulty Power Jack

If there is nothing wrong with the charging cable, consider replacing the power jack to fix issue.

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