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Texas Instruments TI-80 Troubleshooting

Calculator does not power on

Power button is non-responsive and will not display anything on screen.

Dead Battery

If nothing appears on the screen, replacing batteries can restore power.

Power button won’t work

If the power button is failing to function, it can be a problem with the button or interference below the faceplate. To repair the button, remove the faceplate and ensure that surface is clean and nothing is interfering with the motion of the button. If this fails, replace the buttons.

Contrast is too dark/light for working on

Change Contrast

If the screen is to dark, change the contrast by pressing the 2nd key. Use either the up or down arrows to adjust the contrast on the screen. CAUTION be sure not to adjust to zero, this will make the screen blank. If this issue occurs, repeat step one and push the up arrow until no longer blank.

Dead Battery

Batteries need to be replaced

Screen has stripes and spots

Screen seems to havehas strange spotting or striping on the display.

Loose Battery Connection

If the battery connection is lose, the screen will flicker. Remove the battery cover located on the back of the device. Then slide the red battery lock up, and the metal battery guard to the right. Adjust the positioning of the lower battery. Replace and repeat with the upper battery. After adjusting each battery, be sure to slide the red battery lock into the middle position to lock both batteries in place. Once the batteries have been secured in the proper positions turn the device over to turn it on. If this does not resolve the issue, replace the batteries.

Bad Screen

If too much pressure is applied to the screen, it will damage the display. Pixels in the screen may be damaged or there may be a connection issue between the screen and the motherboard. Replace the screen.

Buttons are not responding

Buttons pressed do not function properly, and do not give complete answers.

Faulty keyboard contacts

If a contact on the keyboard may have shorted. To solve this problem replace the keyboard, as it is part of the motherboard.

Damaged keyboard mat

If the buttons are not functioning, the mat underneath the keyboard is damaged and causes unresponsiveness. To fix this you will need to replace the buttons

Calculator shows incomplete answers

The calculator functions, but does not complete the answers needed.

Calculator needs to be reset

If calculator gives incorrect answers, then press 2nd [MEM] and press 3 to reset. If this function fails, take the battery cover off of the back and remove batteries. If this fails, then replace the processor.

Processor Failing

If the calculator is not responding correctly to inputs, the processor could be failing. To remove the processor, follow the Texas Instruments TI-80 Processor Replacement guide.

Motherboard failure

If incorrect answers and inputs persists, then problem lies in the motherboard. To remove the motherboard use the Texas Instruments Motherboard Replacement guide.

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It won’t turn on after pressing the on button. I tried replacing with new batteries but it still doesn’t work. Help me please.

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