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Samsung PL200 Troubleshooting

The Samsung PL200 is an ultra slim compact digital camera with 14.2 mega pixels. Troubleshooting this camera is fairly easy, even for those with no technical background.

After holding or pressing the power button, the camera refuses to turn on.

Before attempting any repair work on the camera, make sure that the camera has a battery, and it is inserted correctly.

When inserting the battery make sure the metal contacts are oriented so that they touch the contacts inside the battery slot.

It is possible that the battery in the camera is functional, but needs to be charged. Simply plug the charging cable into the camera and allow it to fully charge.

When charging your camera make sure that the LED light is green before unplugging it from the cable. If the LED light is red the camera is still charging, and should be left to do so.

Your Samsung PL200 battery will drain quickly if any of the conditions below are met:

- Disconnecting the cable from the camera before it is fully charged.

- Using the zoom tool while using different camera display features.

- The battery isn't working correctly and needs to be replaced.

- Using the camera in a cold environment.

If the camera still doesn't turn on, there is a chance that the mother board isn't functioning correctly.

Either the camera's flash isn't firing when expected, or it is firing unexpectedly.

The first thing to do is to check and make sure the flash option is set to on.

To do this in shooting mode select the lightning bolt button, and then select the lightning bolt menu option to force the flash to be used.

Note that the flash can't be used in video modes.

The flash may fire due to static electricity. This is normal and can be ignored.

The camera turns on and navigates through menus, but you're unable to take photos.

The camera may not take pictures if the battery is low. Charge the camera fully, and reattempt taking photos.

First check to see if the memory card is full. If it is, either delete unnecessary files or insert a new memory card.

If the card is not full you can format your memory card by going to the format option in the settings menu. If this doesn't work you will need to get a new memory card, because the one you have is likely defective.

The camera freezes while it is turned on, or when a picture is taken.

First power off the camera, and remove the battery and memory card.

Clean out any dust or debris and re-insert the battery.

If the memory card is not full you can format it by going to the format option in the settings menu. If this doesn't work you'll need to get a new memory card, because it is likely defective.

Camera is turned on, but the display screen is blank.

Press the menu button to see if the display appears. If not, switch the dial into auto mode to make sure user settings aren't causing the problem.

If the camera display does not turn on in auto mode, test the camera in play mode. If the camera works in play mode, but the camera mode screen is blank, then the camera needs to be serviced.

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