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Samsung NP-QX411L Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Samsung NP-QX411L.

Computer Will Not Power On

The Samsung NP-QX411 will not respond or show any signs of turning on.

Faulty Power Adapter

Make sure the power adapter is firmly seated in the wall socket and in the power supply port. If the power adapter is properly connected and the power supply light is not on, then the adapter is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Faulty Battery

If the laptop will not hold a charge, or will only turn on if directly attached to the power adapter, then the battery hardware on the computer could be damaged and the battery may need to be replaced.

Computer Does Not Open or Close Properly

The laptop gets stuck or does not open/close smoothly.

Hinges Are Damaged

Cracked, sticking, stuck, or broken hinges are examples of ways in which the hinges could be damaged. If any sign of wear then replace the hinges of the laptop.

Black Screen

There is a black screen on the display even when the laptop is turned on.

Brightness Turned Down

Press the Fn button in the lower left hand corner of your computer keyboard and hold down the up arrow on the right side of the keyboard. Your screen may begin to show.

Faulty Screen

Check the screen itself for any visible wear, such as white screen, cracks, pixelated image or what looks like ink leaking out of the screen. If any of these signs are visible, then your screen may be faulty. Replace the screen.

CD/DVD is Not Being Read

Your Samsung NP-QX411 will not read any CD's or DVD's.

Faulty CD/DVD

If there are fingerprints on the CD/DVD, wipe them off with a clean microfiber cloth. Scratches and oxidant materials on the CD/ DVD can also cause errors. If so, a different CD/DVD should be used.

Media Not Supported

Make sure the media format of the CD/DVD trying to be read matches that of the optical drive. Media such as Blu-ray are not supported by this product and you must obtain the proper formatted disc.

Broken or Defective Optical Drive

Press the eject button on the CD/DVD drive and observe the light on the optical drive. The light should flash and the drawer should open. If the light does not flash or the drawer doesn't open, then check the optical drive drivers. In the search bar type in drivers, locate the optical drive and right click, then click update drivers. If still nothing happens, replace the optical drive.

Files Disappearing

The files you saved are not showing up on your laptop.

Files Not Saved

Check to see if other files on your computer can be seen and accessed. You may have forgotten to save the file. If it is a Word document, try opening the application and your document may have been recovered.

Files in the Wrong Location

Open up the file explorer and use the search button in the upper right hand corner of the window to search for your file. Additionally some applications will have a recent file option under the file tab that may allow you to reopen your file and save it to the correct location.

Files Set to Hidden

Files may be set to hidden by accident or by malware. Open file explorer and on the top of the page click the view button. In the show/hide section on the right side of the title bar check the box that says hidden items. Try to search for the file again.


Run antivirus software. If the software finds a virus, delete the virus. If the problem still occurs, the hard drive will need to be replaced using this guide.

Faulty Hard Drive

The computer is making unusual noises when files are attempted to be accessed indicating a mechanical issue. Replace the hard drive using this guide.

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