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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Troubleshooting

Tablet Won’t Turn On

The tablet will not respond, and shows no signs of fully powering up.

Faulty Battery

If the battery is allowed to reach 0% it may become damaged. See solutions for the tablet not charging. If the problem persists your battery may be beyond repair, and you will have to replace it.

Faulty Motherboard

If the tablet has been dropped, had liquids spilt on it, or been exposed to extreme heat or cold the motherboard may be damaged. Replace, or have it repaired.

Tablet Unresponsive/ Won’t Turn Off

The tablet is frozen and unresponsive to commands.


Some programs that demand to much RAM memory may freeze your tablet. Hold down the power button and volume up buttons to reset the tablet, hold until the Samsung logo appears then release.

Tablet Won’t Charge

The battery is receiving no charge despite having the charger plugged in.

Faulty Charger

If you are using a charger that did not come with the tablet it may be a cheap imitation and not work properly. If your charger that came with the tablet won’t charge it check the cable for breaks or damages. You should also check the wall outlet and make sure it is active. If the problem persists use a USB cable to connect the tablet to a computer to receive a charge.

Faulty Battery

If the battery is allowed to reach 0% it may become damaged. First remove the battery and let it sit for a while than replace it, this should reset any faulty connections. If the problem persists replace the battery.

Touchscreen Unresponsive

Tapping or touching the screen of the tablet elicits no response.

Static Detection

In order for the touch screen to work it has to be able to detect the static given off by a finger. Remove any gloves, clean hands, or clean the touchscreen in order to remove any barrier to the detection of your finger.

Low Battery

When the battery is low the touch screen may not detect your commands. Charge the battery and try again.

Faulty Touch Screen

If your touch screen has been damaged in any way it may not detect your commands. If it has been cracked, had liquids spilt on it, or has been warped ion some way replace it.


The tablet is giving off excessive amounts of heat while running.

Faulty Battery

This tablet commonly feels as though it is overheating when it is actually just fine, simply turn it off and allow it to cool. If the tablet feels like it going to burn you the battery may be overheating and could damage the electronics. Replace it, or have it repaired.

Landscape Mode Not Functioning

The orientation of the screen will not shift when tablet is tilted or flipped.

Orientation Settings

Go into your settings and make sure that the orientation lock is not on.

Program Settings

Some programs and games may not allow landscape mode to function regardless of the orientation of the tablet. Exit out of any programs and see if the issue persists.

Tablet Stuck In Re-Boot Loop

The tablet consistently re-starts itself upon power up.


If you have recently downloaded anything it may have contained malware which has interfered with the normal functioning of your tablet. Fully power down the device than perform a factory reset by holding down the power and volume up buttons until the Samsung logo appears. Use the volume buttons to navigate through the menu that appears sing the power key as the “accept” button. Once you have selected something the reboot option should appear.

Faulty Program/App

If a program malfunctions you may need to reset the device. Allow it to power down then hold down the power and volume up buttons until the Samsung logo appears.

Damaged/Deleted Drivers

If malware has damaged your drivers or you accidentally deleted them you will have to download them online and download them onto your tablet through a connected computer.

6 Comentarios

i have a tab 2 and yes there is a missing file, i am not able to perform a reset since the tablet wont stay on for long enough it goes into a reboot loop

Aloysia Gomes - Contestar

I have a tab 2 and I've tried all the virus removing techniques and its not working the apps stay on there and the tablet is like one big pop up ad what is my last option

jasmin - Contestar

I have a tab 2, was listening to music and it started blinking like crazy then shut off and won't come back on. Any advice? I just bought it today and now can't do anything with it.

akk4life37 - Contestar

My tablet charging is not proper a cross sign show when I plug in

Mohd fardeen - Contestar

I have Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 p3100

Issues: CTablet is restarting aftering 10 seconds of hold o home screen.

Can factory reset the device tried many times but nothing is happening

Tried hard reset in recovery mode but when the tablet turns on it shows like nothing is formatted.

Applied firmwares from Samsung official site but still it has the problem. Plz help me in fixing it. Battery is fine. Buttons are working fine. Touch is also working. Plz kindly help with this issue.

Muhammad Ali - Contestar

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