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Samsung Galaxy J3 Mission Troubleshooting

Launched in November 2015, the Samsung Galaxy J3 Mission, is identified by the model number: SMJ327VPP. Presents a sharp 5-inch HD display, with a slim body. Storage capacity of 16 GB and 1.5 GB of RAM. Running the Android 7.0 Nougat and stunting a 5-megapixel back camera and a 2-megapixel front camera.

Device Fails to Charge

Your phone battery does not increase, no matter how long you leave it plugged into the charger.

Faulty Charger

There may be a problem with your charger. This is common when using third-party chargers. Try using a different charger, preferably the one that came with the device.

Not Enough Power

Some chargers, such as car chargers, do not provide enough power to properly charge the device. Try charging your device in a different power outlet.

Dirty or Obstructed Charging Port

The phone cannot properly connect to the charger if there is something blocking the charging port. Built up dust or dirt could be preventing a proper connection. Make sure that the charging port is clean and try again.

Take caution when cleaning the charging port. If you clean it too aggressively, you may damage your device.

Moisture Inside Charging Port

If moisture got into the charging port somehow, the phone will be unable to charge. You will need to completely dry the phone before attempting to plug it back into the charger. It is also recommended that you ensure there is no further water damage to other components of the device.

Too much moisture in the charging port may render it nonfunctional and may require a full replacement.

Device Won't Turn On

Your phone screen is black and non-responsive

Firmware Crashed

Firmware allows for electricity to travel to the battery from the circuits. If this crashed there will be no power to turn on the phone. Try to force reboot your device and begin charging.

Bad Battery

Old batteries are a common reason why phones won't power back on. Seek help from a professional to check the performance of the battery or simply buy a new one.

Replacing the battery may be a confusing task. Below is a link to our battery replacement guide for your device

Samsung Galaxy J3 Mission Battery Replacement

Short Circuit

The motherboard consists of many components and if any of those were to be damaged this may cause short circuiting. Water inside the device may also cause a short circuit to occur. Many local tech repair shops will take a look at the device for free to tell you if this is indeed your problem.

If there is indeed a short circuit occurring, help from a professional is suggested due to the heavy complexity of the motherboard.

Battery Draining Quickly

Your phone drains so much power in a really short time.

Too Many Apps in Use

Every open app is using power, so close or force stop all apps you are not currently using.

Force stopping an app may cause problems with the app or device, so take caution with this route.

Connections Using Power

Having your connections turned on when you are not using them will drain a lot of power. Make sure to turn these off when not in use. Connections can include WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Location, and more.

Display Settings Maxed Out

The longer and brighter your display is lit up, the more battery it will use. Therefore, turn the display brightness and time out settings to the lowest option, or use automatic brightness.


Syncing your device to the cloud can use a lot of power. Try to set your phone to sync on a schedule or at certain times, such as when you go to sleep. Additionally, you can set certain widgets, such as the weather widget, to only update when manually checked.

Device Connectivity

The device fails to connect to networks or the network connection is weak.

SIM Card Error

A faulty SIM card can cause the cellular device lose signal to networks, and will alert you with the "Please insert SIM card" error message. It can sometime be fixed by simply restarting device. You can check if the SIM card is faulty by inserting it into another device to see if it works; If it still does not work, then you will need a new SIM card. If the SIM card works in another device however, then there is an issue with the SIM card reader.

Bluetooth Won't Connect

Bluetooth issues tend to be with device pairing. You can fix this by disabling all networks (WiFi. LTE, 3G) while keeping Bluetooth on. You can also use the "Forget this Device" option, and then try to pair with the device again.

Device won't connect to WiFi

If your device is having trouble connection to a WiFi network, try using the "Forget this Network" option, then reconnect to the network. If this still does not give you access to the WiFi network, there may be a problem with the network itself. If it is a personal network, try resetting the network, then reconnect.

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