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Samsung Galaxy J3 Eclipse Troubleshooting

First released at the beginning of 2016, the Samsung Galaxy J3 Eclipse is a compact and affordable smart phone. This page will help you correct problems with the Samsung J3 Eclipse.

SIM card not making connection in the SIM card slot

The SIM card not making connection with the phone can sometimes render the phone useless to the user. To fix this the user can replace the SIM card slot. Overall replacing the SIM card slot really is the only solution to this issue.

Phone overheats frequently

Having a phone that overheats is never a good thing for a cellular device. Having a phone that overheats should be addressed immediately because it could result to shutters and lag in the future of the device. However, there are numerous ways of fixing an overheated phone, charging your phone while it is on safe mode or without the case. These will alleviate the phone of overheating because of third party apps.

Battery does not power phone correctly and loses charge quickly

One of the most common problems with any phone must be the battery. The Samsung J3 offers a 2,600 mAh battery which is not bad for the phones during this time but can still lead to problems. A solution to this would be to turn off some of the background apps that will hinder your battery percentage. This includes turning off your Bluetooth and GPS and any background apps that are affecting your battery percentage.

Charging port is loose and doesn’t charge to its potential

The charging port being loose or broken affects the functionality of the phone tremendously. The only way that the user can keep the phone charged without the charging port is to continuously replace the battery or charge the battery outside of the phone and these are inefficient ways of using your device. To fix this issue the user can first replace the cable, if the cable isn’t the issue then the user can replace the charging port.

Shattered screen

Debatably the most important part of the phone, a cracked screen of a phone can ruin the overall look and feel of the device. That being said, people drop their devices all the time. When a phone is dropped multiple times, it can lead to cracks in the screen. To fix a shattered screen, the only solution is to replace the front glass.

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