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RIM Blackberry 7290 Troubleshooting

If the phone cannot turn on, check the battery (remove/reinsert battery. For instructions see link below). If the problem persists, try plugging a charger into the phone. If it still refuses to turn on, you may have a faulty battery. Follow the Replacing the Battery Guide for battery removal, and follow up by ordering a battery replacement.

If charging and replacing the battery has no effect, then the logic board of the phone is the most likely culprit. To replace a bad logic board, follow the Replace the Logic Board Guide for replacement instructions.

Sometimes, the phone could have problems detecting the SIM card. Check the SIM card in the phone. Follow the Remove SIM Card Guide. If the SIM Card is in its proper place and the problem still persists, the logic board can be the problem. In order to replace the logic board, follow the Replace the Logic Board Guide.

Sim card is in and still can't get service could be that the phone could be out of range for one of the antenna towers. Contact your cellphone provider for coverage maps.

If the phone frozen or if there is a hourglass displayed on the screen constantly, remove the battery and put it back in. Follow the Replacing the Battery Guide.

If this does not solve the problem It may be a software problem.

First check to see if the phone is turning on. If The phone does not turn on check if the battery is charged or if it will take a charge. If the battery will not take a charge then it needs to be replaced. To do so follow the Replacing the Battery Guide for that.

If the screen is not working, is cracked, or has dead pixels it needs to be replaced. For a repair guide follow the Replacing the LCD screen guide.

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