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Toaster lever won't stay down

No matter how many times you push the lever down, it just won't stay down.

Power Source

Confirm that the toaster is plugged into a working outlet.

Lever obstruction

With frequent use, any toaster will eventually have a build up of crumbs and other debris that may be preventing the lever from latching into place.

Broken lever

After confirming that the toaster is being powered and the lever is not obstructed, it may turn out that the lever itself is broken and requires replacement.

PS77401 Lever Spring Replacement

Replacing the chassis

Finding a replacement chassis, you can remove the defective chassis and replace it with a working one.

PS77401 Chassis Replacement

Toaster won't turn on

Sometimes toaster's wont work even when plugged in to a power outlet. Common problems can be the blame.

Reset outlet

Outlets are commonly turned off by accident and resetting an outlet can save a lot of time and effort if that is the issue.

Faulty power cord

With frequent use, cords can eventually wear down and lose connection, resulting in no power. Replacing a faulty cord is cheap and easy.

PS77401 Power Cord Replacement

Inconsistent Heat

When toast is not cooking enough, or over cooking you will want to reset the temperature control.

Recalibrate thermostat

Finding the thermostat calibration device inside the toaster, you can slightly turn or slide in order to change heat settings.

Toaster lever fails to release

When the toaster should finish toasting, the outside lever fails to release.

Latch maintenance

Routine cleaning and using appliance approved lubrication can help keep your toaster running smoothly for a long time.

Replace solenoid

Test your solenoid with a multimeter tool to see if it is working properly. If it is faulty replacing the solenoid can be a quick and easy fix.

PS77401 Solenoid Replacement

Toast release button won’t work

No matter how hard or soft you push the button it will not release the toast

Debris is stuck in the button

Make sure the button and surrounding area are clean and there is no debris that could cause it to get stuck. Debris in the button fitting can cause it to become lodged.

Button is broken

The wire for the toast release button may be loose or broken and may require replacement. A loose wire would not enable for the button to engage and release the toast.

Crumb tray is stuck

The crumb tray cannot be easily removed or reinserted in toaster

Debris in tray

Confirm that the tray is not overly full of crumbs. Blockage from crumbs and debris can cause the tray to become stuck.

Warped tray

Confirm the tracks still align with the shape of the toaster by gently removing and comparing it to the shape of the tracks. The tray can become warped due to excessive force.

Uneven toasting

Only one side of bread will toast

Damaged heating element

If only one side of the heater element gets hot, it can indicate that the heating element has become damaged and requires replacement. Unplug toaster and begin disassembly to locate the heater element inside.

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My toaster will only toast on one side, the heating elements in the center only heat up.

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