Playstation 2 Slimline Troubleshooting

The controllers have power but the PlayStation is not recognizing them.

The IR Sensor reads the signal sent by the controller, allowing the user to control the game wirelessly. If your IR Sensor is not working, you must replace it.

''The power and video cables are plugged in properly, but the device does not turn on when you turn on the power switch.’’

The motherboard is the brain of the PlayStation. If the device is plugged in but does not respond, the motherboard is typically the source of the problem.

You can feel excessive heat coming from your PlayStation, and your games freeze during gameplay.

The components inside the PlayStation generate heat as you play, and the fan is designed to exhaust heat from the console. If your system is overheating, you may need to replace the fan. If the fan operates when the Playstation is on but dust has accumulated around the fan, you may need to clean the inside of your system with a can of compressed air.

When you insert a disc you see a 'Disc Read Error' message on the screen, or the disc drive does not open when you press the eject button.

Check the disc for deep scratches that may prevent the PlayStation from reading the game.

If the disc is not scratched, but the PlayStation still will not read it or the drive will not open, you may need to replace the optical drive.

When the PlayStation is powered off, time isn’t stored on the device and the clock displays a random time when powered back on. Replacing the clock battery will solve this problem.

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