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Nokero N222-Huron Troubleshooting

The light won’t turn on

Internal Battery

There is a battery on the inside of the light. This battery is charged by the solar panels. In turn, the battery lights the device. If your light isn’t turning on, check the internal battery.

Solar Panel

The solar panels harness energy from the sun and charge the internal battery. If your battery seems to be working, the problem may lie in the solar panels. If these aren’t harnessing energy from the sun, they can’t charge the internal battery. The wires may need to be resoldered to the circuit board.

My phone won’t charge when I plug it in

Cord usage

Check to make sure your cord is working. Sometimes they stop working, and it is a fairly common problem.


If your cord is in working order, it might be a problem with the socket. Make sure you can push the cord all the way into the plug, for sometimes the hole the socket is in isn’t lined up with the actual socket.


If your cord is working and the socket and hole are aligned, the problem probably lies within the battery. The battery is what is charging the phone, so that might need replacing.

My device won’t keep out water

This device is water-resistant, not waterproof

Top Cover

Check to make sure the clear, plastic top cover is on tightly. It screws all the way in, and should be in order to be effectively water resistant.


The O-ring is the black rubber band around the edge of the plastic top. This is the piece that makes this light water resistant. Check to make sure it is securely around the top and in place and it is not dry or has cracks in it. There could also be a tear in it. If there is, the O-ring may need to be replaced.

My light isn’t charging in the advertised time

It is normal for the device to need slightly more than the advertised time to charge the internal battery.

USB charger

Check to make sure that the USB that is being used to charge the light is outputting enough power. This can be done by making sure the cord is in working order.

Solar Charger

Make sure the device is in direct sunlight. The solar panels need the maximum amount of light available to be able to charge efficiently.

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