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Nintendo Wii U GamePad Troubleshooting

The Nintendo Wii U GamePad Model# WUP-010(USA) is the standard controller used by the Nintendo Wii U video game console. It offers traditional gamepad controls in addition to its touchscreen and motion control options. The controller also features a camera, microphone and stereo speakers. This controller is bundled with the Wii U console and is not sold separately in markets besides Japan.

No Sound

The Wii U GamePad’s speakers do not produce any sound or only produce sound on one side.

Broken Speaker

If you don't hear any sound from the speaker or there are a lot of static, the problem could originate at the Wii U GamePad's speakers. Please refer to our speaker replacement guide.

Loose Connection

If you don't hear any sound from the speakers or particularly if you only hear intermittent sound, the wire that connects the speakers to the motherboard could be loose. Check the speaker connections. Please refer to our speaker replacement guide.

Camera Not Working

The LCD display does not show anything when turning on the camera. The camera does not take pictures or takes blurry pictures.

Cracked Lens

If the LCD display only shows a black screen, or blurry images when turning on the camera, the lens could be the issue. Check the camera’s lens for damage. If it is damaged, then you can replace the lens. Please refer to our lens replacement guide.

Dirty Lens

If the camera produces blurry pictures, the lens could be dirty. Consider cleaning the lens.

Device Will Not Power Up

The Wii U GamePad will not power up when pressing the power button.

Dead battery

Consider fully charging the battery of the Wii U GamePad. If the GamePad still does not turn on after a full charge, then the issue probably comes from the battery. Please refer to the battery replacement guide.

Broken motherboard

If the battery is working fine and the device is relatively new, then the problem could come from the motherboard. You might have to replace the motherboard. Please refer to our motherboard replacement guide.

Broken display

If the Wii U GamePad turns on, but the LCD display does not produce any picture then the problem could stem from the LCD display. You might have to replace the LCD display. Please refer to our LCD display replacement guide.

Wii U GamePad cannot connect to console

The Wii U Gamepad does not connect to the console when turned on or loses connection while playing.

Broken bluetooth board

If you keep losing connection or cannot connect your Wii U GamePad to the console, then replace the Bluetooth board. Please refer to our Bluetooth board replacement guide.

Bluetooth is out of range

If you cannot connect your GamePad to the console, consider check to see if your GamePad is within the range of the bluetooth connection. The recommended range for the gamepad is within 26 feet.

2 Comentarios

The gamepad wouldn't turn on

Ruben Ramirez - Contestar

Well written. Impressive. Maybe one of you smart people can save me time and tell me what the + button only doesn't work but when I disassembled it, thinking prob would be obvi and/or button assembly would he broke.

But everything looks fine. Once I cleaned it u a little, using all electronics approved products and methods, it looks great. Including the entire assembly for all the buttons. When I compared them, there is no difference between broken buttons and the working ones.

My son is autistic and actually ddressed cuz this thing is broken. I figure I gotta start by ordering a new +button and replacing it, so I will do that by wend of today. But if a NY chance a replacement button isn't the fix needed, I will do whatever is needed.

I'm just worried I'm going to order, wait, then repair, only to find out that didn't fix it And I'd be ba k at square one, with no leads as to what is the real problem.

Any advice from a tech savvy genius would be awesome.


Awesome Mom4 - Contestar

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