Nikon Coolpix P100 Troubleshooting

Released 2/5/2015. Troubleshooting guide for the display screen and buttons for the Nikon Coolpix P100.

Make sure that the button is not stuck.

Make sure that the power button is turned on.

Try wedging small materials between the edges to get the button to release.

Make sure the device is turned off. Use warm, soapy water on a soft lint-free cloth and slowly clean around the sticky buttons.

The battery could be missing from the camera, which would prevent the camera from turning on. The battery might be malfunctioning and it might be need to be replaced.

If the battery is known to be good, there is a possibility that the camera internal connection that connects the power to the power button is loose.

If the camera loses it's sound, there is a possibility that the internal connection between the camera motherboard and the speaker is loose.

It is best to replace the screen.

Make sure that the device power is on.

Make sure that the battery of the device is charged.

Make sure you have a battery in the device.

If you open up the camera, make sure that all the internal connections are properly attached to the display screen.

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It doesn’t keep date and time. Does it has a super CAP or Battery inside to keep the date and time?

Dan - Contestar

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