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Motorola Droid Ultra XT1080 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with Motorola Droid Ultra XT

Phone Battery Does Not Last Long Anymore

The battery life of your Phone decreases sooner than you expected.

Too Many Applications Running

The applications or programs such as games or music on your smartphone can contribute to a quickly draining battery life. Some applications use more energy than others. Many applications altogether use a lot of energy. To prolong the battery life, get rid of unnecessary applications. Most recent applications don’t damage the functionality of the smartphone as much. If still not sure, then a factory reset may be beneficial to completely wipe out all applications.

Check For Liquid Corrosion

If water or moisture can penetrate its way inside the cell phone it may cause the electronics to short out. Ultimately causing the battery to become weaker and weaker until it eventually dies. Motorola uses a white field with pink or red "X" marks to indicate a device that has had no liquid contact. When the indicator meets liquid, the "X" marks become pink or red smudge marks across the white field.

The Battery Is Old

Cell phones that have been used for a long time (over a year) may have its battery getting worn out. Excessive phone use and overcharging can quickly make the battery weak. To find the replacement guide for battery changing, click here.

The Phone Freezes Often

The cell phone suddenly freezes and wont respond or keeps crashing

App Cache Full

If a certain app causes the phone to run slow or crash, it may mean that the app cache is full. As you use an app, your phone stores some of the data and if there becomes too much data, the cache will become too full and the cache will have to be emptied. This should only be done as a last resort because it will delete all of the apps data.

RAM Memory Full

I’m sure many of you have been using your phone then all the sudden the app crashes or even worse, the phone freezes. This may be caused a use of too many apps which overloads the phones RAM processor. It may also be caused by having too much data stored on your device which will cause the phone to ultimately overwork itself leading it to crash. For a complete step by step guide for a force shutdown, click here.

The Phone Wont Turn On

Holding the ON/OFF button has no response

The Phone Power Button is Damaged

The phone needs juice in order to run. Without it, it won’t turn on. Plug in your charging adapter to your phone and wait for it to fully charge. If the phone turns after you plug it into the charger than it may be the power button. After about a year the power button switch begins to wear out. The phone still works properly, you just won’t be able to turn the device off after use. Please check the replacement guide for help on changing you power button. Click here for assistance.

Phone Screen is Damaged

The phone may be on, but the screen is blank making it look like its off. This could mean that the screen is damaged in a way that it won’t show you anything. A screen replacement is recommended and the link to the screen replacement guide can be found here.

The Phone Wont Charge

Phone doesn't gain a charge after keeping it plugged in.

The Charging Port May Be Broken

If most moisture or any type of liquid gets in the charging port it can cause to port to become dysfunctional. This creates a bad connection with from the charging cable to the charging port not allowing the phone to the charge. Even over use of charging can cause the charging port to become weak and dysfunctional. Check out our replacement guide here on changing the charging port.

It May Be The Charger Itself

If the phone wont charge also check the charger cord and cube. Often if you bend the charging cord in awkward directions it will kink the connection not allowing you to charge up. If it's not the cord check the USB cube. Sometime the cubes become damaged internally and need to be replaced.

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