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The Microsoft Registered Refurbisher (RRP) program enables PC refurbishers to purchase low-cost genuine Microsoft software for preinstallation on newly refurbished PCs. Small and medium-sized refurbishers (less than 1,000 refurbished units per month) are eligible for the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher (RRP) program.

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher


The first and most important benefit of RRP is low-cost genuine Microsoft software. Software available for preinstall is based upon license type, as explained below.

Example: In the US, a 3-pack of commercial licenses of Windows 7 Home Premium can be purchased for $85-$90, which amounts to less than $30 per license.

In addition to low-cost software, participating in the RRP will distinguish you from the competition as an official Microsoft Registered Refurbisher.

Microsoft adds RRP participants to a searchable online directory of refurbishers.

The preinstall software will also make the actual installation process easier for the refurbisher.

License Types

Microsoft Registered Refurbishers have access to Commercial Licenses and Citizenship Licenses. Which license a refurbisher will use is determined by who eventually receives the refurbished PC. Microsoft titles available at a discount are determined by the license type.

Commercial Licenses are available for all of RRP refurbishers' customers. Available software includes Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows Professional. (Various requirements listed below.)

Citizenship Licenses are available to select groups of customers including educational institutions, non-profit organizations, low-income customers and other Microsoft approved customers. Available software includes Windows 7 Professional, Windows Multipoint Server 2011 Premium, and Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business.


Enrollment in RRP is free. The only costs incurred will be that of new software, which will be considerably less expensive than buying the retail software.

  • First, the refurbisher must complete the online application. This includes agreeing to the RRP rules and terms. If the refurbisher doesn’t have the identification needed to fill out the application, Microsoft may get in touch to make sure the applicant is genuine and meets program rules
  • Second, Microsoft will test the refurbisher on their understanding of the program rules and the participant's obligations. It is not a difficult test.

Once these steps are completed, Microsoft will review the application and qualified applicants will be admitted to the program. The application process generally takes 10 to 14 business days.


The only requirement to enroll is that the applicant must be (or become) a PC refurbisher.

Once admitted to the program, three basic requirements must be met with each refurbished PC:

  1. Only PCs that are at least six months old and have an original valid Windows Certificate of Authenticity may be refurbished.
  2. Refurbished PCs must first have their hard drives' data wiped in accordance with recognized standards.
  3. Each refurbished PC must be given a new genuine Windows software license (new operating system, Certificate of Authenticity, and recovery solution).

For more about licensing requirements, download the Microsoft Refurbished PC Licensing Guide.

RRP participants are subject to audit to ensure they meet various program requirements, including environmental and data security standards. Records should be kept in case of an audit. While the word "audit" conjures a fearful image, the program is designed to be easy to follow and will not impact good-faith participants.

Refurbishers in Action

Introducing Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Programs

Sean Nicholson, Microsoft's OEM 3R Manager, gives a basic overview of the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Programs (RRP).

Computers for Classrooms Tour

If you're starting a computer repair or refurbishment operation, you need to see how such a business works at scale.

Take a tour of Computers for Classrooms with founder Pat Furr. Computers for Classrooms is a non-profit Microsoft Registered Refurbisher that refurbishes donated PCs. Once refurbished, computers are sold at incredible discounts to schools and individuals in need.

Pat opened her warehouse for a quick tour—and we thought we should immortalize it on the internet. Watch once, then watch again to see how this refurbishment operation works.

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I am a Registered Microsoft Refurbisher in Australia and I cannot buy Windows 7 Pro licenses any cheaper than current retail market !!!

WHY NOT - all the Microsoft Listed Distributors want more than the going street market prices !!!!

I am !#^&@@ off !!!!!!

I can't get any help from Microsoft !!! - they are bloody useless !!!!!

Steve Barrett - Contestar

Hi Steve, I would be happy to try and help you out as I am a Registered Refurbisher as well as a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher TPI Partner. Windows 7 licences were marked EOL last October and are no longer available through the program or from Microsoft even as OEM's as they are transitioning everyone to Windows 10. You can acquire Windows 10 & Office licences through the Registered Refurbishers portal but they are only for entitled recipients. If you are after licences for new or recent systems (under 6 months old and no previous OS) then you will still need to buy an OEM for each system. I can assist in supplying systems already refurbished with Windows 10 Home or Pro Refurbished COA's attached at quite good prices. If you would like to know more send me a message and I can send you information regarding becoming an authorised reseller of refurbished systems with Genuine Windows 10 Licences attached. Kind Regards, Martin Harris (Microsoft Registered & TPI Refurbisher)

Martin Harris - Contestar

please contact me on need info

Ashu Gupta -

How do I reach out for MRR for Windows 10?

dbr323232 -

Do I REALLY need to supply the original recovery discs / partition to use Refurbished licenses? This is often totally impossible.

Tomi Javanainen - Contestar

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