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MSI GT75VR 7RE Titan Troubleshooting

This page covers common issues with the MSI GT75VR 7RE Titan laptop, and how to fix them.

Low or No Battery Life

Your MSI laptop runs out of battery power much quicker than is specified

Bad Connection on Battery

Remove the battery from its compartment, dust away any debris present, and reinstall the battery until you hear a firm click

Faulty Charger

Your supplied laptop charger may be malfunctioning. Try a different laptop charger to see if this improves.

Bad Battery

Over time, computer batteries can lose their capacity, and can fail to hold a charge. If another charger fails to fix the issue, try replacing the current battery pack with a new one.

Computer Software is Malfunctioning

Your MSI laptop opens unwanted apps and advertisements, and/or is acting strange

Computer has a virus

There are tons of free and premium software packages for removing computer viruses. Take some time to look into programs and reviews to see if one will fit your needs.

Hard drive is corrupted

If you are unable to remove the virus without removing your Operating System, consider formatting/replacing your hard drive.

Computer Will Not Respond to Anything

Your MSI laptop will display any information, or function, but the power-on and off lights still function.

Malfunctioning CPU

If your CPU requires replacing, you will have to access the back of the computer and remove the heat-sink first. The back panel is held together with 4 screws, and the heat sink is held in by screws as well. If you replace the CPU, be sure to apply new thermal paste between it and the heat-sink to prevent overheating.

Computer Display is Malfunctioning

Your display settings have unexpectedly lowered, and your graphics-processing performance is severely hampered

Poor GPU Connection

If your computer is running graphics slower than normal or your display settings are unexpectedly lowered, your GPU may have come loose inside the computer and will need to be re-seated. To do this, remove the rear panel, and disconnect, then reconnect the GPU.

Broken GPU

If none of the above options work, the problem most likely lies within the card. If you are unsure if the graphics card is the problem, try replacing the old card with a cheap one. If the problem is resolved, purchase a better quality card.

Computer Randomly Crashes, Freezes, Reboots, or Shows a Blue Screen

With no warning, your computer continues to malfunction, and run slower than normal

Poor RAM Card Connection

Sometimes RAM cards can become loose and fail to connect to the motherboard. To fix this, unclip, remove, and re install the RAM cards in your computer

Corrupted RAM

If Re-Seating does not work, your RAM card/s may be corrupted and will require replacement.

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