Lenovo Y410P Troubleshooting

Released in 2013 as part of the IdeaPad series.

When the power button is pushed nothing happens and no lights turn on

Make sure that the laptop's battery is charged, or that the laptop is plugged in. If the laptop's power adapter LED isn't lit make sure the outlet is functional. If the LED goes out when it is plugged into the laptop then something inside the laptop is bad and will require repairs.

If a component is shorted the laptop will not power on. First check if the battery is shorted by removing it and trying to power the laptop on again. A way to tell if something is shorted is when the power supply is plugged into the laptop, the power light on the supply will turn off. If this continues to happen with the battery removed, more than likely the laptop will need motherboard repair

When the power button is pushed, the laptop will light up but will not get into windows

If the laptop is having trouble booting, try running a hard drive diagnosis program such as Seagate seatools to see if there are any hardware errors with the hard drive. http://www.seagate.com/support/downloads.... To do this follow the link and download the program. Install it onto a bootable USB or CD. Power up the laptop and open the boot menu by pressing the "Novo" button next to the power plug. boot from CD or USB depending on where you installed the program. Even though the program is made by seagate it will be able to scan any model hard drive to check for errors. If there are errors present on the hard drive it will need to be replaced. If the hard drive returns no errors the RAM will need to be tested with a program such as memtest86 (it will need to be booted from USB or CD and follow the same process as above) http://www.memtest86.com/.

If the laptop powers on with no display, the motherboard may need to be replaced. Other problems could be causing this such as a faulty display or a bad CPU. Before replacing anything make sure there is RAM installed and that it is functional

If the laptop powers on, and boots into a menu which gives you boot options, check that the recovery button on the left side of the laptop (near the charger socket), is not depressed, as sometimes the laptops casing can become dislodged, and prevent a proper boot up.

When the laptop is powered on, an image displays on the screen, however it looks garbled and distorted

If vertical lines are present on the display, the screen has possibly suffered physical damage. This can be caused by dropping the laptop on its edge, which can create connection problems between the motherboard and the LCD screen. A guide to replace the LCD can be found here. Other problems will result from video hardware trouble located on the motherboard and will need to be replaced.

Horizontal lines present on the display could be caused by screen damage, however could also be caused by a loose connection (display guide) or a faulty graphics card which requires motherboard replacement. If there has been no physical damage present then a loose connection or damaged video card is likely.

If the video turns off at certain angles the display cable is most likely loose and will need to be pushed back into place. See the display guide for assistance.

The laptop powers on and functions properly, however after sometime will get very hot and shut off in some cases

If no fan is heard the fan could be faulty, clogged with dust or the connect may be loose. Use the fan repair guide here to attempt to fix issues.

If the fan is heard but the laptop is still overheating, the heatsink may be clogged with dust. Use the motherboard repair guide here to check this issue and use compressed air to remove any dust present in the area. If the fan itself is broken, use the fan repair guide here.

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