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LINKSYS BEFSR41 Troubleshooting

A common error that occurs with this product is not being able to connect to the Cable/DSL Router when using the LINKSYS BEFSR41.

The problem a user may observe with their device is not being able to connect to the Cable/DSL Router when using LINKSYS BEFSR41. To possibly fix this problem one needs to check to see that the router is properly installed. Make sure the PC and Router are on the same network segments. Also make sure that the PC is using an IP address between to Then the Subnet Mask must be set to to match the Cable/DSL router, this can be done by going to Start and Run, then type is "winipcfg" and press enter.

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Found the power supply caps on the main board can fail after 10 years or so. They are easy to replace and there is an excellent teardown page on this site.

Follow the link Linksys BEFSR41 Teardown

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