You are unable to turn on your phone despite pressing the power button.

If your phone won't turn on, the battery may be out of juice. Simply charge your phone battery to fix this problem.

If you have a dead battery that could be due to the battery being fried. It is best to get a replacement battery for your phone if this is the case.

For step-by-step instructions on replacing your battery, follow this guide LG VX8560 Battery Replacement

If the screen is black and not working it could be because the display is bad. If the screen display is bad then screen replacement is recommended

If all of the above fails, the circuitry of the phone could be compromised. When the logic board is damaged, many other parts of the phone will fail to function properly.

"Your phone is on but is working slowly, unresponsive, or constantly freezing."

Wait for a while and let the phone clear it's internal queue. An alternate method would be to turn the phone off, wait 20 seconds, and turn it back on. This will allow the phone to go through an internal reboot and refresh the phone's queue.

If phone won't turn off, remove the battery pack and wait 20 seconds, then try again. This is a way to manually restart your phone's internal functions.

If you are experience problem with information in your phone being lost (ex: lost contacts) Your memory card may be damaged and/or incompatible. A replacement might be necessary to fix this problem.

Your phone might have certain applications which may contain worms or use up too much memory. If this is the case, delete all of the applications that are these problems and if you don't know which applications are causing these problems, delete all non-essential applications (apps that don't come with the phone's factory default).

"Your phone refuses to charge even though it is plugged in."

Check and make sure the phone charger is completely plugged into both the phone and the outlet. Sometimes the phone will not charge properly unless it is fully plugged into the outlet. In very rare cases, not having the charger plugged in completely could cause the phone to short circuit.

If your phone charger is connected to a power strip, check that the power strip is connected to an outlet or some sort of power source. Whether it is plugged into an outlet or power strip, there may be a switch that needs to be turned on.

If you have determined that the previous issues are not your problem, then it could be the phone charge itself. If that is the case, the charger may have frayed wires or be broken. Buy a new charger for the phone.

If you have found that your phone refuses to turn on even though you have charged the battery, your battery could be completely dead. In that case, it needs to be replaced.

"The keys (keypad or side buttons) get stuck or are hard to press"

Sometimes the phone might have a lot of dust internally or bits of dirt and debris internally. Clean the phone's inside to make sure no dirt or debris is blocking the keys and see if that is the problem.

If the side buttons and keypad are misaligned, shift the buttons/keypad around so they are positioned in the right spot. Please visit LG VX8560 Keypad Replacement for more help.

Replace the keys or side buttons if no signal is being received from pressing the buttons. Please visit LG VX8560 Side keys Replacement for help.

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