The screen is dark and it won't turn on.

Try pressing and holding the power button! The Kurio may have turned off without your knowledge.

If your Kurio won't turn on, try plugging it into the charger for a while and then attempt to turn the Kurio on.

It's quiet!

Try pressing the "Volume Up" button on the side of the device.

Try rebooting your Kurio by turning it off and turning it back on!

See the speaker replacement guide for further instructions.

The screen has erratic patterns and the display is non-functional.

The bad news--your display is broken. The good news--refer to the screen replacement guide for instructions!

There bouncing Kurio character is just bouncing... indefinitely.

This is likely a malfunction of the device's software. Try rebooting first! After that, refer to the Kurio website for possible updates or a firmware replacement.

Refer below to match your symptoms to a potential cause.

First of all, try not to use your Kurio while it is charging! This places strain on the electrical components and can cause serious malfunction!

If it is still overheating while idly charging, consider replacing the battery altogether. We have a guide for that too!

Sometimes the computer sensor to the battery is no longer in sync with the actual battery level. Try running the battery down to about 5% and then fully charge it up. If this doesn't work, your Kurio's battery will naturally lose its ability to fully charge over the life of the product. Consider buying a new battery and use the battery replacement guide for further instructions.

The Kurio manufacturing website provides some answers to FAQs for simple problems, such as WiFi setup, installing firmware updates, setting parental controls and more!

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Is thinking and doesn't do anything.

Jaime Rodriguez - Contestar

Please help me tablet kurio7 doesn't work anymore. .. I plug it in and the screen just appear the big letters KUHIO 7 after that any button works not even turned off.

What may I do?

Jaime Rodriguez - Contestar

Have kids kurio 7 and it's not taken the charge when plugged in..

siobhanmwalsh - Contestar

dum kurios shouled always work

gracecuffee -

My daughters Kurio tablet wont turns on but says "no Command" on the screen

leahechebiri - Contestar

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