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Device won't turn on

The device does not respond, make any noise or the LCD screen does not change when the power button is pressed.

Drained/Dead Battery

If your device does not respond to the power button being pressed, the battery could be dead and needs charging. Plug the charger into a wall or computer, then plug the other end of the chord into the device’s USB port in order to begin charging, if the LCD lights up and a battery appears on the screen, let charge for a couple of hours for it to fully charge.

Device won’t charge

When plugging in the Kindle Fire to the charger, the device does not show a symbol of a lightning bolt in the battery image.

Bad outlet

Try charging a different device in the same outlet to make sure it is not the outlet that needs fixing.

Reset your device

Hold down the power button for twenty seconds and then press the power button again to turn it on to reset. No data will be erased in the process.

Bad charger

The charger may have died. Replacement chargers can be found here.

Bad USB port

The USB power-port on the Kindle may be loose. If that is the case, try wiggling the cord around to see if it starts charging. This is a common issue and Amazon will send you a new one if it’s under warranty, but you can fix the problem yourself with a new USB power-port.

Device is not playing back audio

The device may not have any audio playing out of the speakers and/or headphones. If there is audio it is not a distinct noise and is distorted.

Mute is on

Make sure volume is turned up. Use either the volume buttons on the side of the device or locate the Display & Sounds menu in Settings and slide volume bar to the right.

Software glitch

If no sound is emitted through speakers, try plugging in headphones to see if the headphones are receiving sound. If the problem continues, unplug headphones and reboot your device by holding power button for 20 seconds and then release power button. Once power button is released press button again to turn device back on.

Broken speakers/audio jack

After trying the above steps, it may not be a software issue. The headphone jack and/or speakers may be the problem. If there is some noise but it is distorted, these parts will have to be replaced.

Device cannot connect to Wifi

When the device is powered on and in range, it will not connect to any Wi-Fi signals

Software reset

Hold the power button until prompted to power the device down. Choose to power the device off, then turn the device back on. Simply restarting the device can rectify the issue.

If the previous suggestion does not work, another possible solution to the issue could be to power off the device using the same procedure stated above, but this time when the Kindle is powered off, also power off and reset the router that is supplying the Wifi signal (if possible).

Restore factory settings

Once the two previous suggestions are exhausted and the problem is not yet fixed, it may help to restore the device to factory settings. Once this is done the Wifi connection will have to be setup on the Kindle as if it had never been entered before.

WiFi Analyzer app

The final device-related fix that can be done without troubleshooting the router, is to download the free Wifi Analyzer app. This will reveal any issues that may be due to busy channels or weak signals.

Purple or Blue haze on the LCD screen

If you are looking at a white screen, such as a blank webpage, and you notice a blue or purple-like haze around the border of the LCD screen, it is a result of a manufacturing flaw. The intensity of the haze varies depending on the angle your device is held at or the intensity of light that you are using.

Amazon Mayday

Please refer to Mayday and speak to a representative to help you. This is a manufacturing flaw that many other customers who have purchased the Kindle Fire HDX have also experienced. If it is a very noticeable problem then you should report it to a representative.

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I just bought one for my son and it worked fine all day now it froze on the unlock screen and has voice command on it out of no where and won't let me do anything what can I do

Elisa Andriole - Contestar

my candle is everything to me I have over 400 bucks I read a book a day it is everything to me not to mention I have over 500 paper books I also play games on it and watch Netflix it means the world to me I really need a fix if I have to I'll be up I'll buy a new one

Michellea renee Stamm - Contestar

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