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Huawei M750 Won't Turn On

The cell phone won't respond when the power button is pressed.

Faulty or Dead Battery

If the cellphone only powers on when it is connected to the charger, this would be caused by a dead battery. Try replacing the battery following this guide.

Broken Charging Port

Check whether the charger is connected appropriately. Ensure that the four magnetic ports of the cellphone and the charging cable are not damaged. If any magnetic ports are damaged, try changing the charging port using this guide. If there is no apparent damage, consider using a whole new charger.

Buttons not Responding

The buttons won’t respond or appear to be broken.

Broken Button

If any of the buttons are broken or missing, use this guide to replace them.

Jammed Button

If the button can’t be pressed, it could be due to blockage. Try removing the display and clean out any debris using this guide.

Camera Not Taking Proper Pictures or Videos

Any pictures or video taken by the M750 aren't to the original or advertised standard of quality.

Scratched, Dirty, or Smudged Lens Protector

If the camera is taking fuzzy images or video, the lens protector may be scratched, dirty, or smudged. Clean the lens protector with a microfiber cloth, or a soft tissue.

Malfunctioning Autofocus

If the lens protector is clean, and the video or images are still unclear, then the autofocus may be malfunctioning. Make sure the camera module is seated properly or replace the camera unit. Reference this guide to see how the camera module is replaced and fitted.

Dislodged Camera Unit

If dark spots show up around the edges of the camera image, or the image is partially in focus, the camera unit may be dislodged. Be sure all components of the phone are firmly seated in place, disassemble and reassemble the outer casing, or replace the camera unit using this guide.

Malfunctioning Light Collection Device

If an image is too dark or too bright, the light collection lens may be blocked, or malfunctioning. Be sure the lens protector is clean, and the camera is seated correctly. Make sure the area has proper light, and nothing covers the lens protector during use.

Storage Device Limit Reached, or Malfunctioning

If any captures are failing to save onto the phone's storage device, that storage device may be full, or malfunctioning. Clear out space in your phone's storage device or select a different storage device to save captures. If this still fails, replace the storage device referencing this guide.

Distorted and Bad Sound from Speakers

The M750 is playing low quality or inadequate sound.

Disconnected Wire

If the speaker has no dust and broken part externally, the internal wire may be disconnected or misplaced. Check and fix the speaker's internal wire using this guide.

Malfunctioning Speaker

If all the wires and external parts seem perfectly fine, the speaker itself may be malfunctioning internally. Try replacing it with another speaker using this guide.

Sim Card Slot Jammed

It is really difficult to insert and pull out the Sim.

Dusty Port

This might happen if there is some dust collected in the Sim Card slot. Try opening the slot and clean it using this guide.

Broken Sim Slot

If the Sim Card slot seems clean, then it might happen due to the broken port. Try replacing the Sim Card slot using this guide.

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