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HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11z-e000 Troubleshooting

This laptop was released in Fall 2013. The original price tag was set at $410. This laptop features a 11.6" touchscreen and a 1GHz AMD A4-1250. It comes stock with 320GB of storage and 4GB of RAM.

Tasks such as surfing the web, opening a program, or turning on the laptop take longer than they should.

This laptop is not very expensive, and as a result it's processing power is not very competitive. Consider replacing this laptop's default memory with a more powerful option. Refer to the memory module replacement guide for this device.

The laptop is hot to the touch.

If you cannot hear the fan running, even when the device feels extremely hot to touch, replace the fan.

If the fan is running, but the laptop still feels hot, clean the fan by opening up the device and dusting the blades of the fan. Refer to the Fan Replacement guide for this device.

The screen does not turn on, or when trying to use the touch screen feature of the laptop, it does not respond to input.

When updating to Windows 8, certain settings have to be modified in order to ensure that the touch screen works properly. Resources can be found online.

If the touchscreen is completely unresponsive even though the mousepad works and you have tried the steps above, replace the touch screen.

If you cannot press down on the keyboard, the keyboard may have something under it. Clean the keyboard by either taking a cotton swab under it or opening up the device and getting to the keyboard.

Since you cannot fix a single key, unless the problem lies in the plastic key itself, you should replace the keyboard. Refer to the keyboard replacement guide for this device.

When trying to download additional programs or files, the laptop says that there is no free space on its hard drive.

Consider uninstalling unwanted programs or files already stored on the laptop's hard drive. Otherwise, consider upgrading the laptop's hard drive.

The laptop struggles to connect to available wifi, or does not recognize wifi at all.

If other devices are not having problems connecting to the same wifi, replace the WLAN card. Refer to the WLAN card replacement guide for this device.

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