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Gateway MS2285 Troubleshooting

The Gateway MS2285 is a laptop featuring an AMD processor, 4 GB of RAM, and a 15.6" display.

The computer turns on, however shuts off shortly after.

Critical files from Windows or another installed operating system may be missing. To troubleshoot, find an operating system that can run off of a CD like Ubuntu and see if the computer can boot off of that. If the laptop boots properly in the CD operating system, you will have to repair or re-install your main operating system.

If the computer does not detect enough RAM on start-up, it will not boot. Perhaps a RAM module became loose and just needs to be re-seated. To check, remove the RAM from the computer and re-install it in the same slots. Do not touch the gold pieces towards the bottom of the module.

Another problem could be a defective RAM module. Again, if the computer does not detect enough RAM, it will not boot. If you have re-seated all the RAM modules and the computer still does not boot, try replacing the RAM modules one by one with a working one.

If the previous steps have not remedied the issue, it is possible your motherboard is dead. This could result from a handful of different possibilities. If you have a bad motherboard, you have to replace it.

The computer does not turn on.

If the battery has not been charged recently, it may be necessary to charge it.

If you attempted to charge the battery and the computer still does not power on, remove the battery, but leave the DC jack plugged in. If the computer powers on, you have a bad battery and the battery needs to be replaced.

It is also possible that the battery was not charging because the power adapter is bad. Try using a different adapter to see if the replacement charges the battery.

A common problem with the MS2285 seems to be a faulty DC jack. Here is a link to a guide on how to replace the DC jack.

When typing, some or all of your keystrokes do not register.

If only some keys do not register, it is likely that your keyboard needs to be cleaned as small debris can impede key cap movement. Try using compressed air or a small brush to clean around the key caps.

If some of the keys still do not register, it may be necessary to remove some key caps in order to clean under them.

If all of the keys do not work, or after cleaning, some keys still do not work, it may be necessary to replace the keyboard.

Computer takes a long time to open/run programs

In order to determine how much RAM your computer is currently using while experiencing this issue do the following: Press CTRL + ALT + Delete --> click on "Start task manager" --> Click on the "Performance" tab --> Look at the Status of the "Memory" graph. This will tell you the amount of RAM currently being used and will show a visual representation of that number out of the total RAM on your computer.

It is possible that you have a bad RAM module which is limiting your memory. If this is the case, replace the module.

If a CD is inserted, the computer does not recognize the CD

It is possible that when the CD was written, there was an error which made the CD unreadable. Also, the disc could be scratched. To test, try some other discs to see if the computer recognizes them.

If other CDs do not work, the drive needs to be replaced.

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Very well written.

lynnmack43 - Contestar

Excelente información acerca de la laptop.

omarsahagun - Contestar

Great information. Saved me lots of money as I was headed to the store to buy parts I didn't need. Your info got me up and running again and faster too!! Thanks.

asanchez827 - Contestar

So good information. Very useful, clear, and assisting for workshop. Thank you so much.

Roger S.

Roger SEMWAGA - Contestar

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