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Crayons will not melt ¶ 

You have done everything right and crayons still will not melt.

Device is not plugged in ¶ 

Before going further, check to see if device is plugged in. If so, continue below.

Device is not turned on ¶ 

Check to see if device is turned in the ‘on’ position. If so, continue below.

Lightbulb is burned out ¶ 

Check to see if light bulb is burned out. Click here to check light bulb and replace if necessary.

Lid will not lock ¶ 

You close the lid, but it does not lock into place while crayons are melting.

White plastic arm inside control box is broken or out of place ¶ 

To see if this is the cause, click here. If white plastic arm is in fine working order, continue reading below.

Clear plastic sliding lock mechanism on underside of gray portion of the device (next to the metal vent) is out of place or broken ¶ 

To see if sliding lock mechanism is not functioning properly, click here.

Metal melting tray will not flip up ¶ 

Check green plastic lifting arm to see if it is working properly. If working properly, continue reading.

Green plastic lifting arm is sticking ¶ 

Click here to find information regarding cleaning and general maintenance for this device.

7 Comentarios

Timer will not count down after 3rd use, meaning lid is also locked.

thorns12 - Contestar

I can't get it to unlock, the yellow button will not pop up!! It won't release the mold :(

kate.weaber - Contestar

I am having the same isuue with my kids set. I can't get the yellow button to release and pop the mold out.

Sonja Chilton -

Can't get it to unlock. Light goes out but yellow button doesn't pop up

ktawney - Contestar

Looks like many of us are having trouble with the button not popping up and I’d love a solution. Anyone have a clue what to do?

Barbara Stockton - Contestar

Looks like many of us are having trouble with the button not popping up. Anyone have a solution?

Barbara Stockton - Contestar

What do u do if crayon mold is stuck on the grey tray how do u remove it

The Raging Wolf21 - Contestar

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