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Un estudiante impresionante de nuestro programa de educación escribió este wiki. No está administrado por el personal de iFixit.

Device Runs Slowly

The device lags and is very difficult to use in a timely manner.

Perform Soft Reset

To begin, hold the power button on the side to power the device off. Next, hold down Volume Up and Power keys for a few seconds. After that open the cover and remove the battery. Now wait for a few seconds. Then reinstall the battery and the cover back in. In the last step you should turn on the smartphone again by holding the Power key for a couple of seconds.

Forgot login to device or device crashed.

Hard Reset/ Clear Data

This operation will reset the device and wipe all data off of it, so be sure to back up your photos before doing so. First choose Main Menu and Settings. After that tap Backup & Reset and Factory Data Reset. Now select Reset phone and OK if you want to clear all your personal data. Success! Hard reset complete!

No Internet or Phone Service

Sim Card

First, power off the phone and remove the rear panel. Slide the sim card out of the Sim Tray holder and reinstall. Sometimes this is all it needs. This is a very basic fix that may help.

Internal Antenna Failure

Use the device guide for removing the back panel to open the phone to gain access to the antenna. On the right side of the phone, make sure the black cable connecting the top board to the lower board is fully seated and connected to both boards.

Failure to Send or Receive Text Messages

Verify airplane mode is turned off.

Press and hold the Power key. If Airplane mode is ON displays, tap to turn it OFF.

Update the PRL.

From the home screen, tap the Menu key. Tap System settings. Scroll to and tap System updates. Tap Update PRL and wait until it completes. Tap OK.

Battery Dies After a Short Amount of Use

Replace Battery

Using the guide to replace the battery and buy a replacement battery, it is very easy to make the device have a healthy battery again.

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