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When advertising your community repair event or trying to convince the local media to cover the event, it's helpful to have some talking points.

Here are some reasons why community repair is awesome:

  • It's community-oriented
    • Builds a stronger community by bringing together people of all races, religions, and sexes
  • It's kid friendly
    • Promotes education and curiosity in youngsters
  • It develops life skills
    • The grownups get to learn, too, not only the hard technical skills like soldering, but also soft life skills like training (through teaching others), active listening (through being trained by others), and deduction skills (to uncover what happened and subsequently how to repair what happened).
  • It's green
    • Repair is better than recycling
  • It's a good investment
    • A little effort, skill, time, and materials can bring new life to the things that were once non-functioning.

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