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ComNet Ericsson Panther 600P won't turn on

The device doesn't turn on even though you charged the battery.

Dead or leaking battery

First, check for signs of corrosion or leaking on the battery. If the battery is indeed leaking, dispose of the battery immediately. If the battery appears to be fine but still won't power the phone after it is charged, then you may need to replace the battery using this guide.

Malfunctioning Motherboard

The motherboard is essential to the functions of the device. The motherboard is the brain of the device. If the motherboard has malfunctioned in any way it can cause damage to the device. You will have to disassemble the device to replace the motherboard.

The screen will not turn on

When you turn the power/volume switch on, you get noise but the screen stays dark.

Cracked Display

If the display is cracked or damaged and is no longer functional then it will need to be replaced.

Screen stays black

The display has likely worked itself loose from the Motherboard and has become unresponsive or won't turn on. The connection points may need to be re-soldered or the display may need to be replaced.

There is static across all channels

When you turn the radio on, you hear static even if you have cycled through all the channels.

Antenna bent or severed

If the antenna is severely bent or has been severed at any point, it may be unable to receive signal. You will want to replace it.

Talk buttons or keypad not working

When you press a button, the button does not move or people cannot hear you talking while the talk button is pressed down.

Unresponsive Number Pad

If there is any sticky residue around the buttons, clean that residue off with a cotton swab and alcohol; check for function afterwards. If the buttons still do not respond, the buttons may not be connecting to their contact points. You will want to follow the disassembly instructions to replace the number pad.

ComNet Ericsson Panther 600P turns on, no noise

You turned the device on, but no noise is coming out. You moved the volume/channel switch through all of its stages but the device didn't begin emitting sound.

Faulty Speaker

If the speaker has stopped working, it may have blown out. There is no way to fix this problem other than removal and replacement of the original speaker.

Loose or completely disconnected Motherboard

The motherboard is the computer chip that controls everything in your device. The speaker will be soldered to the motherboard. Take the device apart and check this connection. If the connection is barely intact or not at all, the connection points will have to be re-soldered.

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