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Clock Hands are Broken ¶ 

Any one of the clock hands are not functioning.

Parts were dislodged or jarred loose ¶ 

Parts of your clock were jarred loose if dropped from 3 or more feet.

Can't Open the Battery Compartment ¶ 

Can't get the battery compartment open without breaking it.

Screw is still attached to compartment door and device ¶ 

Remove screw with small Phillips head screw driver.

Door seems to be stuck closed after screw is removed ¶ 

Pry open with tweezers or plastic prying tool.

Device Doesn't Turn On ¶ 

Device is not receiving power required to operate.

Batteries are dead ¶ 

Make sure to replace the 2 AAA batteries.

Faulty battery wiring ¶ 

The wires in your clock could be frayed or severed.

Battery door loose ¶ 

The battery door is too loose and keeping the batteries from creating a good connection.

Alarm sound is not functioning ¶ 

There is no sound emitted from the device when the alarm should be sounding off.

Faulty alarm wiring ¶ 

Make sure upon opening the device that the wires are connected to the alarm module and are not severed or frayed.

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