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Canon PowerShot A200 Troubleshooting

Camera won't turn on

No matter what you do, you can't get your camera to turn on. Try going here for replacing the batteries.

Drained/bad battery

If your camera won't turn on, replace the batteries with two new AA batteries. Make sure they are inserted in the correct direction (negative/positive in the right direction). See replace batteries.

Wrong battery type

Another possibility is that the incorrect battery type has been inserted into the camera. Insert two, brand-new, AA batteries in the correct orientation. See replace batteries.

Batteries not connecting

The batteries may not be making good electrical connection with the camera. Remove batteries and wipe ends with a clean dry cloth.

Camera won't shoot pictures

No matter what you do, you can't get the camera to take a picture.

Camera is in playback mode

Change camera into picture shooting mode.

Flash is charging

Wait until the flash charges fully. Try pressing the shutter button when the indicator is orange.

The memory card is full

Remove card and unload pictures onto computer to free up space on the card. Or replace the full memory card with another that already has free space.

Memory card is not formatted correctly

Reformat the memory card. If this does not work, replace with another new card, because it is defective.

Shots are blurry or unfocused

When taking pictures, the shots come out poorly.

Camera was moving while shooting the picture

Hold the camera steady while shooting.

Autofocus function hampered by obstruction to AF-assist beam

Do not block the AF-assist beam with your finger, or any other object while shooting a picture.

Object was outside camera's focus range

Ensure at least 20cm distance the camera lens and the subject of the picture. Or, use the macro mode to shoot close-ups between 5-20cm from the lens. When shooting distance, set the camera to infinity mode.

Subject comes out underexposed (too dark)

Pictures are too dark when displayed.

Insufficient light for shooting pictures

Set the flash feature on.

Subject is darker than the surroundings

Set the exposure compensation to a positive value.

Subject is beyond the range of the flash

When the flash is used, the distance between lens and subject should not exceed 2m.

Subject comes out overexposed (too light)

Pictures come out too light when displayed.

Subject is too close to the flash

When flash is used, the distance between lens and subject should be no less than 20cm.

Subject is brighter than the surroundings

Set exposure compensation to a negative value.

Light is shining or reflecting into the camera

Adjust the camera angle away from the sun/light source.

Flash mode is set on

Set the flash to any mode other than on.

The flash does not fire

When shooting a picture, the flash does not work.

Flash mode is set to off

Set the flash mode to any mode other than off.

Manual shutter is jammed

The shutter opener/closer is stuck.

Shutter is simply stuck

Wiggle is carefully, hoping to break free the parts jammed.

Shutter fixture is broken

Replace the shutter fixture. See replace shutter guide.

LCD display is not working

LCD display does not display correctly when on. Try going here for replacing the LCD display.

LCD display is broken

Replace LCD display. See replace LCD display guide.

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