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Ink cartridges are not held properly by the ink head, ink is being spilled from the ink head or ink is not coming out of the ink head properly.

If your printer is not printing the ink correctly this may be caused by a deficiency in the ink cartridge. Check the printer's ink levels by locating the printer icon on your desktop or in the application folder on your computer. Right-Click on "Printer Preferences" and find the section labeled ink levels. If the bars look low, it's probably time to replace the ink cartridge.

It is possible that your ink head has been used so much that it has become clogged up with old ink, and is decreasing the performance of your printer. Follow our guide to take out and clean the ink head here Canon PIXMA MP620B Ink Head Replacement

If you have tried cleaning the ink head but the printer is still not working properly, it is possible that you will have to replace the ink head. Do not fear, instead, follow our guide here Canon PIXMA MP620B Ink Head Replacement

The long light used for scanning is not turning on when the device tries to scan documents.

If the problem is just in the light. You can take out the light and put in a new one with the help of our guide here Canon PIXMA MP620B Scanner Light Replacement

Without the right software the printer will not recognize the your commands, therefore the printer software might need to be updated. Check out this link to find any new driver and software updates:

When a USB drive is plugged into the USB outlet at the front of the, the printer does not recognize it.

It is possible that the USB plug has been damaged or has stopped working. If so, replace it with our guide here Canon PIXMA MP620B USB Reader Replacement

First, make sure that the problem is not the flash drive that is being plugged into the printer by trying multiple flash drives with the device. If that does not work, follow our guide here Canon PIXMA MP620B USB Reader Replacement

The paper exit tray will not stay upright or is blocking paper from exiting the printer.

Replacing the paper tray is no problem. Purchase a replacement tray and install it with our guide here Canon PIXMA MP620B Paper Tray Replacement

The command screen on the top of the printer is not working, but the printer still seems to be functioning.

It is possible that your drivers are out of date and that updating them will fix this problem. Check for updates here:

If the screen itself is damaged or broken, purchase a replacement screen and install it with our guide here Canon PIXMA MP620B Command Screen Replacement

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just put in all new in cartridges.......printer copies, just fine, but only sends through blank pages when trying to copy from my computer.......

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