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Un estudiante impresionante de nuestro programa de educación escribió este wiki. No está administrado por el personal de iFixit.

Blu Grand M Troubleshooting

Blu Grand M was made in 2017 manufactured by BLU (Bold Like Us)

Battery is Not Lasting As Long

The phone’s battery doesn’t last as long as it did when the phone was bought.

Faulty Battery

If you notice that the battery’s change percentage skips percentages (e.g. going from 15% charge to 3% charge immediately) this means that your battery is probably old, and may need to be replaced.

Swollen Battery

If the phones battery is visibly swollen or bulging. Stop using the phone because it is now considered a fire hazard. DO NOT PUNCTURE BATTERY this will cause the battery to become a chemical fire (please see video. ) The fix for this is to carefully remove the battery and replace it. A guide on replacing the battery will be linked here.

Once this is done put the old battery in a salt water solution over night or a fire proof box. This will make the battery safer to handle and less prone to starting fires.

Google Play Stops Working

Your cannot use Google Play on your phone

To Many Apps Are Running

The phone has 512 MB of RAM. RAM is the memory associated with running multiple applications or apps at once I.e Camera, Gallery, Messenger, Google Play. The fix for this is to close out of the apps that you are using and use one App at a time.

Camera Photos are Blurred and Distorted

Pictures taken with the phone’s camera have low resolution, or have some kind of distortion

Dust or Dirt Build Up

Clean the camera lens. If there is build up inside the lens, you may need to replace your camera. Use a micro fiber cloth and a small amount of water to clean the screen.

Faulty Zoom Action

The camera is no longer working properly and will need to be replaced. A detailed guide will be provided here.

Problems Powering On

The device won’t turn on.

Charging Port is loose

If the phone doesn’t charge when a charging cable is connected, this may mean that your charging port is faulty, and may need to be replaced. To replace the charging connector you need to remove the back panel of the phone. A guide to replace the charging port will be shown here.

Microphone is not working

The microphone is not functioning properly

Dirt and Debris

Check if the microphone is being obscured by something on the outside, or by dust. Using a micro fiber cloth and a can of air carefully clean and remove dirt and debris from the microphone.

No Sound Being Recorded

First make sure that the microphone isn’t muted. If the microphone still doesn’t detect any sound when it isn’t muted, it means that the microphone has failed, and may need replacement. To replace the microphone follow this guide here.

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