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Problems Charging ¶ 

Unable to charge laptop or experience inconsistent charging.

Bad Charging Cable ¶ 

Try a new charging cable to see if the problem is in the cable or in the laptop itself.

Bad Battery ¶ 

If the charging cable is not the problem, it is possible that the issue is the battery. Make sure the battery is not the problem by attempting to charge with a new battery installed.

Bad Power Plug ¶ 

If neither a bad charging cable nor a bad battery are the problem, then you most likely have a broken power plug which needs to be replaced.

Reduced battery performance ¶ 

Battery power doesn't last very long.

Drained/Bad Battery ¶ 

If battery dies after using for a short amount of time, the cause of this may be a drained battery. Try charging the battery fully, use for a short amount of time, and if the problem continues, the battery must be replaced.

Screen Display Is Dark ¶ 

When laptop starts up, screen stays black.

Bad Display ¶ 

If you can hear the machine start but the screen stays black you may have a bad display which typically requires a full display replacement.

Flickering Screen ¶ 

Laptop screen flickers or has horizontal/vertical lines disrupting image.

Loose Connection ¶ 

This problem is possibly caused by a loose connection between the motherboard and the screen display. If this is the case, re-securing the connection could fix the issue. This requires disassembling the laptop and checking each connection.

Bad Display ¶ 

If a loose connection is not the problem then the entire display may need replacement.

Bad Motherboard ¶ 

If neither repairing connections or replacing the display works, then the problem most likely lies in the motherboard.

Boot Problems ¶ 

Computer does not turn on properly or makes clicking and grinding noises while preparing to start.

Damaged Hard Drive (HDD) ¶ 

The problem might be your hard drive.

Possible causes of this are:

  • Your computer is bumped or jostled while it is running;
  • The electric motor which allows the platter to spin fails due to bad bearings or other components
  • The filter on your air intake gets too clogged or the filter isn't working properly
  • Extreme heat while running causes the electronic circuit board to fail;
  • There is a sudden power failure while the disk is writing.

Poor/Inconsistent Touch Pad Tracking ¶ 

The mouse or touch pad behaves irratically; left clicks instead of right clicks, or doesn't work at all, there is no response to the computer when the pad is touched.

Software Issues ¶ 

This is an issue that can often be fixed by finding the right ASUS drivers to download for your mouse.

Hardware Issues ¶ 

There have been many reports of manufacturing errors or hardware issues with this laptop, if the drivers are not sufficient then the touch pad has to be cleaned or replaced.

2 Comentarios

No webcam in device manager. Where is the plug for the webcam on the motherboard?. I replaced the HD disk to SSD and maybe I broke the connection to my webcam or maybe the plug is not seating correctly.

John Nishimura - Contestar

I replaced my HDD with SSD. My webcam stopped working. I might have broken my connection to or not seating the connector properly. I do not know which connector goes to my webcam therefore, where do I check for the correct connector to webcam. Any answer will be appreciated.

John Nishimura - Contestar

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