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Asus U56E-BBL6 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Asus U56E-BBL6.

Computer Will Not Power On

The computer shows no signs of powering on and does not respond to any buttons.

Faulty Power Adapter

Make sure the power adapter and power cords are plugged in and that the charge light is on. If the power adapter is plugged in correctly and the light does not turn on, there is a problem with the power adapter. A replacement adapter purchase should be considered.

Faulty Battery

If the adapter is properly connected and the light is on, check to see if the computer turns on without the adapter plugged in. If it turns on while plugged in and does not turn on while unplugged, then the battery is faulty. Follow this Battery Replacement Guide to replace the battery.

Keyboard or Keys Not Responding

The keys on the keyboard won't respond or seem to be stuck in place.

Keys Are Stuck

If keys appear to be stuck, causing them to not work correctly, there might be something blocking the key press. Remove the key and clean underneath. When any debris has been removed, replace the key and see if function has returned.

Faulty Keyboard

If none of the keys are responding or are all working improperly, you may wish to attempt replacing the keyboard with this Keyboard Replacement Guide.

Wifi Adapter Stops Connecting

The computer stopped connecting to wifi and now will not connect at all.

Out of Range

Make sure the computer is in range of wifi and that the wifi itself is working properly. This can be done by moving closer to an access point or checking with another device that is connecting.

Software Problem

The computer's software my be causing an issue with it's ability to connect to wifi. Check to make sure that the computer is set to find access points and that the wifi adapter is enabled under wifi settings.

Faulty Wifi Card

If the computer is in range of a wifi access point and all software is working correctly, but the wifi still does not connect, then the wifi card inside the computer may be faulty. One solution is to purchase a new wifi card and replace the old one.

Unresponsive Touchpad

The touchpad has become erratic and unresponsive, jumping randomly and not working in any way.

Dirt Preventing Reponses

If there is dirt or some other debris on the touchpad, it will hinder the touchpad's performance and responsiveness. A good cleaning with a wipe or, depending on the debris, rubbing alcohol, should increase the responsiveness of dirty touchpads.

BIOS Updates

The touchpad has a known responsiveness issue in the BIOS, which is hindering it's performance. This can be fixed with a BIOS Update that Asus released, which can be installed; link on device page.

Distorted Audio

The speakers of laptop producing scratchy or distorted sound.

High Volume

Speakers embedded in laptop are created in accordance to small space available and less about the sound quality. Playing media at lower volume level can help in getting rid of distortion in some cases.

Out of Date Drivers

If lowering volume or changing the source doesn’t help, check if audio drivers are up to date. For locating the sound card’s information, go to Control Panel > Windows device manager > audio device and you can check and download the update from there.

Hardware Defect

If the distortion persists, the solution can be replacing the speakers. If the laptop is old, this can be particularly true. Speakers are worn out through time and will need replacement.

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