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Un estudiante impresionante de nuestro programa de educación escribió este wiki. No está administrado por el personal de iFixit.

Asus ROG G55VW Troubleshooting

This page will help identify and troubleshoot problems with your Asus ROG G55VW.

My application is not responding

The application won’t respond to the computer’s commands and or has frozen.

Use Task Manager

On the keyboard, press Ctrl + Alt + Esc to open up task manager. Within task manager, select the application that is not working and press “End Task.” This should force the application to close where it can be restarted again.

Turn off the Computer

Turn off the computer by pressing the power button. This will turn off all applications on the computer and reset them.

Reinstall the Software

Type, “programs and features” in the search box in the bottom left corner. Open the window, and find the application that is not working and uninstall it. Once its uninstalled, search up “recovery manager” in the search bar and open it. Find the application you uninstalled and reinstall it. This should guarantee that the application is free of viruses and is up to date.

Computer isn’t reading the disk

The computer is not reading the disk inserted to it.

Clean the disk

Sometimes a dirty or damaged disk can prevent from reading the disk. If that’s the case, clean the back of the disk with a wet cloth and dry it out with a dry cloth.

Run Hardware and Trouble Shooter

In the search bar, search “Find and fix problems with devices” and open it. Once opened, click “next” and follow the sets given by the computer.

Check Drive Status

Remove any disk from the drive and open up device manager in the search bar and select “DVD/CD-ROM drives.” Right click and select “uninstall” on the drive. Restart the computer and the computer should reconfigure the drive.

Audio Not Working

Sounds not working on your computer.

Improper Headphone Connection

Unplug headphones and test computer audio first. If the audio works, then replug then headphones into the headphone jack.

Wrong Audio Output

On the far right of the task bar, there is a small speaker icon. Click the icon and open the audio output menu, and then select your desired audio output.

Out of Date Audio Driver

Open the Windows menu and search for “Device Manager”. In the menu, expand “Audio Inputs and Outputs”, right-click on the desired output, and select “Update Drivers”.

Unable to Connect to Internet

Computer will not connect to the Internet.

Internet Not Connecting

Go to “Control Panel” and click on “Network and Internet”. Then click on “Network and Sharing”. Find “Manage Wireless Networks” and click on it. Right click on all the wireless connections found on the screen and select “Remove network” from the drop down menu. Restart laptop and once is on, scan for “Wi-Fi networks”. Click on the desired network and select “Connect”.

Bad Online Performance

Connected to the internet, but poor performance.

Distance from Wifi Router

You may be out of range of your router. Try moving closer to the router.

Too Many Devices Connected to Router

Your router and your internet service provider have a limit to the bandwidth of your internet connection, and too many devices connected will cause each device to receive less bandwidth. Disconnect some unused device from your wifi.

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