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Display won't stay in the upright position

No matter what you do, you can't get your display to stay in the upright position.

Broken display hinge

If your display won't stay upright, you man need to install a new display hinge.

No image on the display

There is power to your display, but the screen remains blank.

Bad LCD display controller

If your LCD display controller is broken, this will cause a blank screen. If this is the case, you can easily replace the controller in a few easy steps.

Broken backlight

If the backlight is faulty, then your screen will appear dark. This can be resolved by simply installing a new backlight.

Broken or bad voltage inverter board

If your voltage inverter board is bad, this will prevent the screen from turning on. This can be solved by replacing a new voltage inverter board.

Screen appears bubbly and discolored

Your screen will turn on, but the image seems distorted.

Cracked screen

If your screen is cracked, often it will perturb the liquid crystal orientation, causing a distorted image. This can be remedied by installing a new screen.

USB devices are not recognized by the computer or they have no power

You are able to plug peripherals and other devices into your USB, but they are not recognized or powered.

Broken USB port

If your USB port is broken, this can result in devices being unrecognizable to the computer. This can also cause peripherals to have no power. This problem can be solved by replacing the USB port.

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Do you all know what is wrong when both a 17" studio & 23" cinema HD display, with the old ADC connector, When plugged in, nothing happens and the wierd part is when you Hold Down The STart up/Power button, the Green/yellow led light just turns on Solid, Does not flash or anything, Just stays on as long as you hold the power button down, As soon as you release it, the light turns off and nothing else happens. I've tried both an ADC G% video card and an ADC to Dvi adapter. I tore one down and everything seemed okay...I have no idea on the schematics or where to test for power and or broken parts. Thanks, I hope there's an answer.

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