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Acer Aspire V3-551-8469 Troubleshooting

This page will help Acer Aspire V3-551-8469 users diagnose and fix common problems.

Device Overheating

Base of laptop accumulates too much heat which can shut off computer

Damaged Fan

The fan either become loose or may need to be replaced. Replacing or adjusting the fan can be done using this guide

Dust Accumulation Inside Laptop

Unscrew the bottom laptop panel. Use a can of compressed air and a fine duster to clean the inside of the laptop.

Defective Battery

Run the battery saving mode option on all the time. To turn on manually, click or tap the battery icon in the notification area on taskbar. Drag the slider to the leftmost position to activate "Battery Saver" mode.

Create a new Power Plan. Go to control panel and search "power plan". Choose "edit power plan" and click "change advanced power settings. In popup, find and open "Processor power management". Change system cooling policy to "active" and "maximum processor state".

Faulty Voltage Regulator

Block off one of the USB external ports. Solder 1-2 mm thick wire directly to fan 5VDC from USB port to 5VDC fan. Ground wire to chassis or the ground pin from the same USB port. Keep third pin from fan in board connector to motherboard for temperature reporting.

Screen Popping off Base

Screen gets split from hinge.

Loose Hinges

If hinge still moves and is just broken where the hinge attaches to the laptop, use JB weld a glue that will fix it long term and will not affect the wires if let cure.

Tighten Hinges

Pop bezel from around the outside of the screen. Hinges should be in open sight at the bottom left and right-hand sides of the screen. Tighten any screws and replace bezel. If hinges are not in plain sight, they may be hidden by a plastic cover. If hinge is still loose, hinge may be damaged and should be replaced.

Screen Blackout During Start-Up

Upon boot up, laptop starts but screen does not light up and remains black.

Video Cable

Connect to external VGA monitor or to a TV with an HDMI cable. If screen does not appear on TV or the external monitor then video cable needs to be replaced. To replace, first remove the battery. Remove bezel, which may have two screws behind the round covers near the bottom of the screen that would need to be removed beforehand. Remove four small screws holding the LCD panel. Place screen on keyboard and lift webcam cable. Disconnect old video cable and replace.

LCD Ribbon Cable

Connect to external VGA monitor or to a TV with an HDMI cable. If screen does appear on TV or the external monitor, then the ribbon has come undone from motherboard and screen or needs to be replaced. To replace or reattach, first remove the battery. Pop off keyboard to check or replace the part connected to the motherboard. Remove the screen bezel to reach the screen connector end to reattach or replace the ribbon.

BIOS Upgrade

To upgrade, first remove the battery. Completely disassemble laptop until motherboard is reached. Next test the pins of the slots where batteries are drawn on the motherboard and short-circuit all pins if low voltage. Reassemble laptop with memory stick in each slot. Download the VA70 V115 BIOS from ACER support uncompressed file and rename. Copy file onto USB key and plug key into USB port on left side of keyboard. Press FN and ESC and plug in power cord and press power button. FN and ESC should be pressed down until key blinks (about 7 sec). After continuous beeps are heard, unplug power cord, re-insert battery in and turn laptop on.

Battery Life Not Lasting as Long as it Should

While laptop in use, battery has high percentage left before needing to be plugged in and all of a sudden dies.

Reset Battery

If the battery is not charging while plugged in. Unplug AC power adapter. Locate the battery reset pinhole in the bottom of the computer. Insert a paperclip into the battery reset pinhole and hold the reset button for four seconds. Then let the computer rest for five minutes without power. Connect the AC adapter and power on the system.


Shutdown the computer and plug in the AC adapter. Wait until the LED on the charger indicates that the battery is fully charged. Startup the computer and unplug the adapter. Select the battery icon (next to the clock) and select "More Power Options". Click the radio button next to "High Performance" if it's not already filled. Click "Change When Computer Sleeps". Use the drop-down list boxes to select "Never" for each item in the "On Battery" column. Click "Save Changes". Click Start and type "cmd" without quotation marks. Right click "cmd.exe" in the search results and select "Run as Administrator". Enter "powercfg.exe/hibernate off" at the command prompt and press "Enter". Allow the computer's battery to completely drain and plug the AC adapter and allow the battery to charge fully. This completes the calibration process. If battery life is not remediated after calibration, it may need to be replaced.


See Overheating Heading

Keyboard and Touchpad Stops Working

Either the keyboard or touchpad won't respond when pressed

Defective Touchpad

Re-enable Touchpad

Press the FN key (bottom left of the keyboard) and the F7 key simultaneously. This should re-enable touchpad.

Update or Reinstall Touchpad Driver

The Touchpad Driver may be out of date. To update while using the mouse, download and install Driver Easy. Run the software and click "Scan Now". Then click on the "Update" button next to the touchpad to download the latest and correct driver for this device.

Defective Keyboard

Reboot Laptop

Press and hold the power button of your laptop until the laptop is completely off. Unplug the power cable and the battery from your laptop. Leave laptop alone for a few seconds. Plug the power cable and the battery from your laptop. Power on and check to see if keyboard is fixed.

Update Keyboard Driver

Download and install Driver Easy. Run and click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers. Click on the Update button next to the keyboard to download the latest and correct driver for this device. You can also click the Update All button at the bottom right to automatically update all outdated or missing drivers on your computer.

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